8 Times Couple Talk In Their Own *Secret* Language!

8 Times Couple Talk In Their Own *Secret* Language!
Being in love is a fantastic feeling! You know what makes it even better? Sharing a deep connection with your partner - one where you know for a fact that they always understand you, no matter what! The two of you share your own secret language that is expressed solely through gestures and expressions. The beauty of it is that every couple has their own way of communicating with each other. Here are 8 times couples speak their own language! (We bet you’ve done these with your boyfriend too!)

1. When all it takes is just one glance

By just looking into your eyes, your partner can tell how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking - and vice versa! It’s like they can read your mind and communicate with you simply via thoughts. It only goes to show how close and connected the two of you are!

couples speak their own language

2. When actions speak louder than words

A simple gesture of him placing his arm around you shows the world how much you mean to him. These are small actions, of course, but they’re the ones that matter the most! Every time the two of you hug, cuddle, or hold hands, it portrays your never-ending love for each other.

3. When their mere presence makes you feel complete

It’s funny and strange, but when they are by your side, you suddenly feel at ease. You can put your guard down and be yourself. The reassurance and support they give you makes you feel like you can achieve anything. <3

couples speak their own language

4. When your fears become their fears

As one grows in a relationship and the relationship matures, the trust between the couple grows stronger as well. You become open to telling them your deepest, darkest fears and weaknesses. They know what pushes your buttons and are willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and protected!

5. When they know you’re feeling low without you saying a word

Without you having to tell them what’s worrying you, they already know what's going through your head. They suddenly become sensitive to your tone, facial expressions and the vibe you’re giving off. You don’t need words when you have a connection like this!

couples speak their own language

6. When teamwork makes you a power couple!

More than a couple, you and your guy are a team. You celebrate each other’s successes and are proud of each other’s achievements! You want your partner to chase his dreams, and he wants the same for you. Yours is a relationship that is full of optimism and determination.

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7. When the two of you dance like no one’s watching!

It doesn’t matter if you know how to dance or not - when you’re around them and there’s music playing, your body immediately starts swaying to the beat. It feels as if your bodies are speaking a similar language. You don’t care about onlookers, all you care about is having a good time with your man.

couples speak their own language

8. When they make you laugh till your tummy hurts

If there’s someone who can make you laugh till you run out of breath, it has to be them. Their sense of humour never fails to entertain you, and you always know that you’re in for a treat when you’re with them. And you know what they say, right? A couple that can laugh together, is the happiest!

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