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Here’s What Happens When Your Guy Is More... *Experienced*!!

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

Many of us have been in this situation… The one where the number of your boyfriend's ex-girlfriends is a bit (and sometimes a LOT) more than the number of guys you've been with. Well, here are some things you'll totally get if your boyfriend is more experienced than you! And it's not all bad, girls! Honestly!

1. He has some hilarious stories to entertain you with because of the different kinds of people he has known.

2.Though some of the stories can spark a tiny bit of jealousy in you. You're only human!

3. He might or might not have already figured out what he wants from a relationship...

4. But he definitely knows what he doesn't want - so he doesn't really play the petty games that other guys sometimes do.

experienced boyfriend

5. On the other hand, you're still figuring things out as you go - since you haven't really done this whole thing a lot.

6. Thankfully, he understands, because he knows exactly what that feels like! He has been there after all.

7. He definitely knows exactly what to do in bed to make it amazing for you. ;-)

8. And if that doesn't work, he always has a Plan B! And a Plan C. AND a Plan D too!

experienced boyfriend

9. He never shies away from talking about the complicated relationship stuff that you might sometimes struggle with.

10. But he also knows how to tackle the difficult situations that you guys face together.

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11. He never judges you based on the weird things you might have done in your past.

12. If only because you never hold anything he tells you about his past against him.

experienced boyfriend

13. He also comes with a long list of exes, so you're more likely to bump into them. Awkward!

14. But the fact that he's been honest about them with you keeps you from ever feeling insecure.

15. Awkward sex situations? He makes you feel totally comfortable about them!

16. Sometimes, he thinks out loud about how he wishes he had met you earlier. And that makes all of the past history disappear for you! <3

experienced boyfriend

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Published on Feb 10, 2016
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