Dear Boyfriend, 13 Signs We Are… Meant To Be!

Dear Boyfriend, 13 Signs We Are… Meant To Be!
Dear Boyfriend,

We’re so right for each other - I know it, and so do you! But in case you needed further proof, here are a few things to show you just how amazing we are together. Yay us!



1. This Is A Mind-Games-Free Zone

We’re so over those silly and confusingly pointless mind games. We’ve pretty much nailed being direct with each other - and it really does make life easier!

signs you are right for each other

2. We Tell Each Other Things That We Don’t Tell Anyone Else

You’re pretty much the only one I want to share intimate details of my life with - you lucky boy!

3. We’re Ready to Meet The Parents

That’s a huge step and basically means that we’re sure about each other. I’m sure my parents will love you as much as I do!

4.  We Never Get Enough Of Each Other

That’s probably why we miss each other so much when we’re apart - even if we do see each other every other day.

signs you are right for each other

5. But We Have Our Separate Lives Too

Our own friends, our studies/ careers - we’re pretty good at balancing our lives!

6. We Respect Each Other

Okay, there are little things that irritate us about the other - but at the end of the day, we know that we love each other for who we are as individuals.

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7. There’s Real Chemistry

We definitely have that spark! :D

signs you are right for each other

8. We Fight, But It’s Not For Nothing!

You know how they say that fighting is healthy? At least when we fight (even if we hate it) we reach a common ground and a solution in the end - without one of us always having the upper hand.

9. We Can Trust Each Other With Our Lives

Sure, every relationship has ups and downs, but we know we can rely on each other to be there always - without a doubt.

10. You Can See Me At My Worst…

And still love me. Not having to dress up to impress you ALL the time is such a relief!

signs you are right for each other

11. We Push Each Other To Be The Best Version Of Ourselves

You always pushed me to pursue my dreams and I’ve undoubtedly helped you dress better! :P We definitely influence each other positively. *High-five!*

12.  We’re Insanely Attracted To Each Other!

Physically as well as emotionally. Hell yeah!

13. And Most Importantly, You Make Me Happy

And I hope I make you as happy too!

signs you are right for each other

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