4 Tricks To Get Your Eye Makeup Perfect - Every Single Time!

4 Tricks To Get Your Eye Makeup Perfect - Every Single Time!
We’re always looking for ways to amp up our makeup routine and get exactly the look that we want. Isn’t it super helpful, though, when you have little tricks that can actually help you ace your makeup without you putting in too much effort? Here are a few great ways to ace your eye makeup!

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Trick 1: Lower Lash Lining With Mascara

If you’re out of your kohl liner, don’t worry. Mascara will help save the day. Simply line your lower lashes with mascara with a little push to the lower lash line. This will help you form a soft definition on your lower lash line and give you a smudge free look.

Trick 2: White Eyeliner To The Rescue

If you haven’t got enough sleep and feel like your eyes look puffy, the white eyeliner is your solution. Line your waterline with white eyeliner - but remember to begin halfway through your waterline.

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Trick 3: Prevent Smudging

To avoid your kajal leaking or smudging, take some compact and dab your eye shadow brush on it. Apply it right below the eyes and just below the kajal. This makes the lower area dry and less oily and your kajal less likely to smudge.

Trick 4: Cat Eye

If you have trouble making the perfect wing, instead of using a liner brush, try using a brow brush. The angle of the brush helps you get a sharp wing in seconds.

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