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10 Easy Eyeliner Hacks For That *Perfect* Winged Look!

10 Easy Eyeliner Hacks For That *Perfect* Winged Look!
Who said only Cleopatra could get it right?! Every time we see someone sporting the striking winged eyeliner look, we want to quickly get home and try it on ourselves, don’t we? And ladies, in order to perfect those wings, practice of course, is key. But there are certain eyeliner hacks that can save the day and make your eye makeup game so strong! So, with the help of these, make a real statement with those awesome flicks.

1. Steady hand, ladies

1 eyeliner hacks First and foremost, having a confident, steady posture as you apply winged eyeliner is a must. A shaky, unsure hand is bound to get it wrong and spoil your fab eyeliner flick. Take a deep breath, hold the eyeliner brush firmly, and swipe away, ladies. You can even rest your elbow on the mirror to help curb shaky hands.

2. Liquid liner for the win

As compared to an eye pencil or a felt tip one, liquid eyeliner is smooth and glides easily onto the eyelids. Take it from us, and opt for a liquid product to get this technique right. We know a liquid eyeliner can be intimidating to use, but you can first draw your flicks with a pencil and then go over them with your liquid liner to amp it up.

3. Spoon it up

3 eyeliner hacks It’s so much easier if you place something on your eyes steadily and apply eyeliner along it - just like drawing a line with the help of a ruler. This method is foolproof, ladies. Place a spoon on your eyelid, with the handle placed diagonally, pointing to the outer corners of your brows, and apply eyeliner by the outer edges of it. All you have to be meticulous about is placing it at the same angle for both the eyes, so it’s uniform.

4. Clear tape trick

If holding a spoon with one hand and applying liner with the other is not too comfortable a situation for you, then try the clear tape trick. It really is magical. Stick tape at the angle you want the eyeliner flick on both sides and draw along it. Once you’re done, gently peel off the tape and you’re ready to flaunt those drama-mama eyeliner wings.

5. Mark a point, always

5 eyeliner hacks Remember playing ‘connect the dots’ as a kid? This is exactly what you have to do when applying winged eyeliner. Start with marking a point where you want the flick to end and then create a line of dots leading to the inner corner of your eyes. After that, all you have to do is connect the dots and voila!

6. Trace first

Use a light eyeshadow at first and roughly draw out your eyeliner flick. Do this in a way that if it goes wrong you can easily wipe it off using a cleanser or even your finger. Once you’re happy with your tracing, jump in with the eyeliner and trace over it. Smart one, isn’t it?

7. Correcting Q-tips

7 eyeliner hacks Sometimes all you have to do is some tweaking and your eyeliner can be on-point. Removing all of it and reapplying is something you don’t have the time and energy for anyway. Here is when magical Q-tips come in handy. Put any moisturizer on a Q-tip and wipe off whatever excess liner you want to remove or neaten out a not-so perfect flick instead of starting all over again. This trick goes a long way, ladies.

8. No stretching of the eyelid

Most of us do this, but it is the wrong way to go about it. Stretching out your eyelid as you glide your liner brush on it is a big no. This will make the eyeliner look untidy and it will not have as crisp a finish as you’d like. Simply close your eyes and keep the eyelids from twitching as you swipe on the eyeliner. You can also lift your head up so your looking down at yourself in the mirror while your eyes are closed enough to draw a neat line.

9. Concealer cure

9 eyeliner hacks To add an amazing finishing touch to your eye makeup look, once you’re done applying the liner, clean out the areas around it by dabbing on and blending some concealer. This will make the eyeliner look all the more bold and neat. Both, you and your eyeliner style are bound to stand out this way.

10. Eyeshadow to soften that eye game

Once you’ve applied you’ve winged eyeliner, if you feel like it looks too sharp and loud, you can soften out the look by dabbing on some brown or black eyeshadow. This adds a smoky touch to the eyes and the overall effect is super glam! Internal Images: Shutterstock