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9 Books Every Girl MUST Read (Even If She Isn’t Into Books!)

9 Books Every Girl MUST Read (Even If She Isn’t Into Books!)
There are books - and then there are books that you absolutely have to read at least once in your life! Here are a few such books we think every woman must read... We hope you enjoy them!

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1. Palace Of Illusions

books every woman should read An ancient story, The Mahabharata, retold - taking into account the view of the woman in the story - Draupadi or Panchali as she is popularly known. If you are a history buff or enjoy mythology, this is one you absolutely must read! Buy It Here!

2. Mrs Funnybones

books every woman should read Full of wit and hilarious observations made by a modern Indian woman - Mrs Funnybones is exciting and all too real! The life of a modern Indian woman, who is also rather worried about the same age-old problems that every woman in India still thinks about! Buy It Here!

3. To Kill A Mockingbird

books every woman should read Despite being a book that deals with the serious issues of rape and racism, To Kill A Mockingbird, is known and remembered popularly for its warmth and humor. Atticus Finch, the narrator's father, has served as a moral hero and role model for many. Worth a read for all the valuable lessons that will take you through life! Buy It Here!

4. The Magic

books every woman should read Each one of us needs to practice gratitude and be thankful for the things we have. The more you are thankful for something, the more of it you will get. We sometimes forget to do just that -  but this book reminds us and teaches us ways to be grateful, always. A definite must-read on our list. Buy It Here!

5. Emma

books every woman should read A coming of age story of a young girl who is proud, beautiful, intelligent and slightly spoilt! The mistakes she makes and the lessons she learns from them are what shape her. All this and a beautiful love story along with it. Every girl ought to read this classic! Buy It Here!

6. Americanah

books every woman should read It is hard to make it in a world that is so full of stereotypes and has fixed notions of people based on their caste, colour or creed. But Ifemelu, the protagonist in this book, makes it through troubled times and difficulties to be a successful and strong woman. She doesn’t give up on life or love despite all the hardships that come her way. The story of a strong woman, that ought to be read by every other woman! Buy It Here!

7. Bridget Jones’s Diary  

books every woman should read She struggles with work, weight, love and everything else in between. Bridget Jones is a real girl, who faces the many real issues we all do. But all ends well for her - just like it eventually will for all of us girls too! Relatable and fun, this book will leave you feeling great! Buy It Here!

8. The Namesake

books every woman should read People show and discover strength in many different ways and circumstances. This story is of a Bengali family that moves to the US - and how each one of them (particularly the mother and son), discover themselves and their strengths and weaknesses over the course of time. Beautifully written and explained, the journey of each character will leave you spellbound! Buy It Here!

9. Jane Eyre

books every woman should read Even after everything she goes through and encounters in life, Jane Eyre’s spirit remains unbroken and she continues to do everything with integrity. An engaging and thought provoking story - which every woman should read at least once! Buy It Here!
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