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7 Simply Adorable Rom-Com Novels For A Perfect Bedtime Read!

Sneha Manandhar


Reading is a brilliant habit - anyone who reads will tell you how much they enjoy getting lost in a different world! If you aren’t a reader then we highly recommend taking up this amazing habit! We’ve compiled a list of books that will make you believe in love and giggle while doing so. You'll love to read these before going to bed!

1. Falling For The Ghost Of You by Nicole Christie

1 romantic books to read

No, no, not a horror story. Or...is it? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out. This romantic comedy is the story about 17 year old Violet Mercer who is smitten by Zane O’ Conner - a ridiculously hot guy who is way out of Violet’s league. But that’s not the problem. The problem would appear to be that Zane’s father is now Violet’s step father. Tricky situation. Also, that’s not the worst part. Violet and Zane through a turn of events end up living together and realise that they have fallen for each other - but then the biggest problem arises - Zane is keeping a massive secret from Violet.

Will Violet’s love for Zane still stand its ground after the secret is out? Go on then, read the book and find out.

Price: Rs 169 (for Kindle). Buy it here.

2. Wallbanger (Cocktail #1) by Alice Clayton

2 romantic books to read

If you have read 50 Shades Of Grey or ever wanted to then this book should ideally be your initiation to all things naughty. Caroline has just settled into her new apartment in San Francisco and had decided to take a break from dating and relationships. However, her neighbour (who she doesn’t actually see for the longest time) makes her want to change her mind.

One night she finally goes to confront her “Wallbanger” neighbour and dear reader, shoot a guess. Put two and two together and the rest is easy to figure out.

Price: Rs 682. Buy it here.

3. Puppy Love by Nancy Krulik

3 romantic books to read

Ever been in that situation when you are already in a relationship but have find yourself falling for another guy? Well, if yes, then this is the book for you!

Alana is a dog walker and she thoroughly enjoys her part-time job. However, she is baffled by how pampered these dogs are. She loves these dogs but wonders if all this royal treatment is actually worth it. To vent it all out she goes to Connor who, by the way, is not her boyfriend. As Sammy, her boyfriend, is very possessive about her, she begins to wonder if Connor is the right guy for her… Or, then again, is he?

Price: Rs 652. Buy it here.

4. Ditched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom

4 romantic books to read

Ever been ditched last minute and had no idea what to do whatsoever? Well, have we found a book for you! Also, do you know how absolutely useless best friends can be sometimes? Well, Justina Griffith knows. Her best friend, Ian, asks her out to prom and then ditches her at the last moment. Very characteristic of her best friend, might we add.

Long story short - will this prom night lead to Justina finding her true love?

Price: Rs 1,169. Buy it here.

5. Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

5 romantic books to read

It’s an adorable story, this. One that makes people go all, “Faith in humanity: Restored”. When Katrina spots a homeless person in a coffee shop, she decides to be a better person by giving him some food, just so that he can see the day through. But, turns out, this homeless man isn’t homeless at all.

This tiny act of kindness is going to turn Katrina’s life around.

Price: Rs 462. Buy it here.

6. Penelope by Marilyn Kaye

 6 romantic books to read

You’ve probably seen the movie with the same name. It was a very well-made movie too. It was one of those very few movies that actually did justice to the book.

This is the story of Penelope. She is born into a rich family, gets everything she wants. Penelope basically has the good life but there is one tiny problem. Her family is cursed and she has the snout of a pig instead of a nose. To overcome this curse, she has to fall in love and only the kiss of true love will reverse the curse.

Read the book to find out if she will find love and if she does, with whom?!

Price: Rs 841. Buy it here.

7. A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley

7 romantic books to read

Now this is quite an entertaining book that has a whole lot of things going on together, all at once. Joanna Price is a girl from the city who has it good in life. She is a book editor and had recently married the man of her dreams. They set off to holiday in the Caribbean but as fate would have had it, she was made to share the flight with Connor Duffield, a man from the countryside who hates girls like Joanna. As their plane crashes, they find themselves stranded in a desert.

They learn how to survive with each other but with the months that they spend together they also develop feelings for each other. Will their time spent together stand to break her marriage?

Price: Rs 739.38. Buy it here.

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Published on Jun 30, 2016
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