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16 Awkward (And Funny!) Sex Moments EVERY Girl Faces!

16 Awkward (And Funny!) Sex Moments EVERY Girl Faces!
Ladies, we all know that sex is awesome. Enough is said about the awesomeness of sex, but no one really talks about the awesomely awkward stuff that happens when you’re getting down and dirty with someone. Some strange, some gross, some totally random but nonetheless embarrassing - here are some awkward sex moments EVERYONE has at some point. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

1. The Sex Face

There will be a point in time when you’re having sex and are totally in the moment, till you look up and see his face and suddenly have to control a sudden burst of giggles. You can’t help it, a lot of people have a ridiculous sex face - maybe even you do! awkward sex moments

2. The Condom Comes Off

Sometimes it just slips! Happens to everyone.

3. When You Just Can’t Get “Ready” Down There

When your mind is saying yes, but your lady parts are saying no! It’s frustrating and awkward and you have no idea why!

4. No, STOP! That’s NOT Where It Goes!

You know, when his aim is way off! awkward sex moments

5. When He Finishes Before You’ve Even Begun

Foreplay is going great, the sexual buildup is insane and you can’t wait to start having sex, but then he unexpectedly finishes and you’re just like, “Did that really happen?!”.

6. When You, Er, Gag

Hey, who said blow jobs were easy?

7. Undressing Problems

We’ve all experienced it. You know how difficult it is to undo his belt while kissing him passionately or sliding your pants off while you’re wrapped around each other. awkward sex moments

8. Two Words – Vagina Fart

What else do you call it? Blame it on the air vacuum!

9. The Unexpected Period

You know, when your period decides to show up at the WORST possible time ever! And suddenly there’s blood on his you-know-what!
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10. Those Weird Moans

It’s even worse when it’s coming from you and you realize they don’t sound as sexy as you would like. awkward sex moments

11. You Accidentally Jab Him With Your Elbow

Or a part of your body falls asleep!

12. Trying A New Position Doesn’t Go As Planned

It’s so uncomfortable, how does he expect you to bend your leg this way? You slowly ease him back to your regular position.

13. When You Realise You’re Not Going To Finish

Ladies, not all of us climax every time. It’s like the saddest truth of life, right?! awkward sex moments

14. When The Most Random Thoughts Pop Into Your Head At The Wrong Time

Like the fact that you forgot to call your mom back. Yikes!

15. When He Calls You Something Weird In Bed

You just pretend like you didn’t hear him!

16. When You Haven’t Waxed/ Shaved Down There In A While

And you’re praying he’s so lost in passion that he won’t even notice. awkward sex moments GIFs: GiphyTumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 17 Things To Put On Your Sex Bucket List! MUST-READ: 15 Amazing Sex Tips For The Beginner!