Stunning Designer Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Can Afford!

Stunning Designer Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Can Afford!
Who wouldn’t love to look like a superstar every day...especially if we can wear the same designer items that they walk around in? Plenty of our fashion fantasies would come true if were easily able to buy the clothes and jewellery and all that la-di-da without stretching our budgets too much! So here’s a special edition of Indian jewellery designers that are totally suitable for our pockets and their stuff is beautiful. They promise to leave us enamoured and looking like divas too!

1. Preeti Mohan

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Preeti Mohan’s collection of earrings are not just affordable but also very glamorous and perfect for all the shaadi festivities. These danglers with the square silver kundan stones are versatile and will look good with most of your Indian wear.

Price: Rs. 3,600. Buy it here.

2. Ra Abta By Rahul

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

This gorgeous gold plated hath phool from Ra Abta by Rahul makes us believe in the power of pearls and, of course, the rest of the shiny fineries. We love the peacock motif and would really enjoy adorning our hands with this beauty.

Price: Rs 4,500. Buy it here.

3. Fooljhadi

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Fooljhadi is a brand that introduces us to a whole new world of jewellery. A quirky combination of embroidered jewellery that makes every outfit look even more funky! This green and orange thread maatha patti will make you look even more charming!

Price: Rs. 2,700. Buy it here.

4. Micare

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

This piece is a fresh break from wearing the same traditional designs for ages! Micare does necklaces, rings and earrings in linear designs, and will definitely help you stand out in the crowd of the ordinary. Pick these up for a pleasant change!

Price: Rs 4,250. Buy it here.

5. Astha Jagwani

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Astha Jagwani gives us some lovely, intricate designs and this one here especially is not OTT yet so trendy. The age-old passa makes a comeback and this piece does justice to the traditional one! Wear this with your lehengas and shararas and you’ll surely look amazing!

Price: Rs 4,500. Buy it here.

6. Myo Designs By Milly Ghumman

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

If you’re someone who likes tiny trinkets that go well with your dainty soul, Myo Designs by Milly Ghumman will make you very happy. This pair of gold plated silver earrings with the precious Chalcedony stones are suitable for work and for the after work parties! We love the gracefulness.

Price: Rs 4,379. Buy it here.

7. Ritika Sachdeva

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

We would love to own some conventional art and jewels, and the ghungroo hanging along with the pan shaped pendant looks rather stunning! Ritika Sachdeva has an attractive range of jhumkis and necklaces that have tones of cute ghungroos and both in gold and silver!

Price: Rs 3,100. Buy it here.  

8. Maira

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Look over at Maira for some fun statement earrings and the like. This detailed circular earring with pearl in the center looks remarkably bold and beautiful. They are lightweight and thus will work the best when you’ve got to wear these for a long, long day!

Price: Rs 4,000. Buy it here.

9. Aditi Bhatt

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Aditi Bhatt has a cool collection of bright enamelled jewellery. This one is different because of all the tiny details in it. The handcuff is perfect for times when you feel like your hands are looking too bare. We love the pink and blue pops of color!

Price: Rs 3,850. Buy it here.

10. Valliyan By Nitya Arora

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

This cutesy midi ring is all that a girl needs to set her apart. Geometrical stones placed along in whimsical patterns is what you’ll find at Valliyan. We would love to have a few of these tiny loves hanging around our trinket box!

Price: Rs 1,950. Buy it here.

11. Mehtaphor

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Sophisticated yet girly, Mehtaphor has a wide range of earrings to choose from, and so nicely priced we could get quite a few of those! This circular pair of studs with the floral blue stones in the center looks sublimely beautiful! We adore the accents in this one!

Price: Rs 2,500. Buy it here.

12. Mrinalini Chandra

Affordable Jewellery Designers in India

Been around for a while, Mrinalini Chandra has the most eccentric trove of jewellery. From body chains to “chair” rings and handcuffs, we love many of these pieces and wish we could carry them off with elan. This delightful circular maang tikka is a favorite pick!

Price: Rs 3,600. Buy it here.
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