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Super Pretty Rings And Earrings For Just Rs 250?! YES!!

Super Pretty Rings And Earrings For Just Rs 250?! YES!!

Us girls love our trinkets a bit too much. We can never have enough of them, and every time we like something, we pick it up hoping it’s not too expensive! So, here we are - 12 options to choose from! Gorgeous earrings and rings - and that too under Rs. 250! That sounds like a amazing deal, doesn’t it?! Go on and find out.

1. The Pretty Tear Shaped Pair!

affordable jewellery These charming earrings make us so happy just looking at them, wonder how much it will make us smile when we wear them! Team them up with your pretty Indian outfits to give yourself a regal air. We want these so bad! Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

2. Flowery Gold!

affordable jewellery This double duo of a flower and leaves will glam up your fingers like no other. When you want to shimmer and go bold, this is your go-to piece. Match them with western or Indian outfits to become a showstopper for that day! Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

3. Alluring Angel!

affordable jewellery Looking at the details in this pair, it makes our eyes shine. This decorative number sitting on your lovely ears will draw people towards you and get you multiple compliments! Who wouldn’t love that? Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

4. Indian Avatar!

affordable jewellery Another charming ring to add to your Indian jewellery pile. The traditional ring with the adjustable band seems like a good deal, doesn’t it? Complete your desi vibe with this one piece. The green in the middle just makes it SO vivid. Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

5. Purple Darlings!

affordable jewellery These sweet danglers with those little purple accents are perfect for both your western and Indian outfits. They’re so lightweight that you will not feel a thing and you can go the whole day wearing these. Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

6. A Little Too Much!

affordable jewellery Getting so much in that price, we love this offer! Also, all those differently shaped rings around our fingers and mid-fingers make this an amazing option! You can choose few of them or all of them together, take your pick! Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

7. Geometrical Maze!

affordable jewellery These grand earrings that for that price? A total steal! We love the pale pink stones that woven into that gorgeous maze-like design. Want to make a statement? These should be your go-to pair. Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

8. Diamante Diamonds!

affordable jewellery This stone studded piece of gorgeousness is going to adorn your fingers so beautifully. It can be that one striking piece that you will fall in love with and will want to wear it all the time. Glow and beam in this diamond shaped ring. Price: Rs 172. Buy it here.

9. The Royal Beauty

affordable jewellery This one makes us sigh! Those pearl droplets along with the gold and white stones make this duo totally worth buying. Look at the price, and you KNOW you are going to have to get these. Wear them on a night out to increase your oomph factor! Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

10. Funky Moustache!

affordable jewellery This cutesy pink ring is just too cute to not get. Makes a perfect gift to get your bestie - and yourself too! Those little stones all around gives this ring a certain amount of character and makes it blingy and stylish! Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

11. Silver Sensation!

affordable jewellery This ravishing pair of earrings in those deep-colored stones is definitely worthy of being part of your treasury. Team them with dresses to complete that sophisticated look. Choose black outfits and shine on! Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

12. Bright Neon!  

affordable jewellery This funky piece of jewellery rests on your fingers, giving you a bold but chic look. The colour is so delicious, it will make everybody super envious and make them want it too! Wear it on days you want to really look and feel different! Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.
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Published on Dec 24, 2015
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