14 Thoughts We ALL Have The First Time He Says “I Love You”!

14 Thoughts We ALL Have The First Time He Says “I Love You”!
Those 3 little words have the power to change your relationship for good. Once those 8 letters are spoken out loud, your bond enters a new realm full of magic and romance. We give you thoughts we’ve all had when he said “I love you” for the first time. It is one of the biggest relationship milestones ever, after all!

1. Wow, I wasn’t expecting it right now

You’ve been dating for some time now, you’ve both been feeling it and you’ve been wondering when he would say it...but you’re still caught off-guard when he does!

2. Did I hear him right?

Did he actually say it? OMG!

he said I love you

3.  I hope I’m not dreaming!

You’ve been dreaming about this moment for ages and you can’t believe it’s actually happening. Quick, pinch yourself!

4. “I love you too!!!!”

You scream down the phone or envelope him in a big hug and give him a giant kiss if he’s in front of you!

he said I love you

5. I’m grinning like an idiot!

Whatever you do, you can’t wipe that goofy grin off your face!

6. Now I know why he’s been acting so nervous...

He was so shy and so nervous to tell you. Awww, such a cutie!

he said I love you

7. I can’t wait to tell my bestie!!

Is it rude to start texting her right now?!


8. My heart is racing...

Not to sound fully filmy, but those butterflies are real!

he said I love you

9. When did I become so corny?

“I love you, I love you, I love you!”

10. Why did we take so long to say it?

You know you both have been feeling it for some time now!

he said I love you

11. There’s no going back now!

But that’s okay ‘coz, well, you love him!

12. He actually loves me!!!

Kissing all those frogs before your prince was totally worth it!

he said I love you

13. I’m so happy I can’t believe it...

Even if you aren’t much of a romantic, admit it, you were pretty ecstatic!

14.  Our relationship is now serious.

Welcome to a steady, committed, adult relationship with a boyfriend who loves and cares about you!

he said I love you

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