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11 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just LOVE To Read!

11 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just LOVE To Read!
Books, for those who love reading, are an escape into an alternative world. You can see your favorite characters come to life - and that world becomes your world for the time being. Here are a few things you will absolutely get if you love reading!

1. You have a bunch of books you want/ need to read at any given point…

And that pile never decreases, even after you’ve read most of the books from the original pile.

girl who loves to read 1

2. Travelling anywhere, for any length of time, can never be boring for you…

Because you always have a book to keep you company!

3. Going on a trip also means having to worry about which books you should take along…

“Can’t I take them all? What if I’m in the mood to read that one?!”

girl who loves to read  3

4. You have on more than one occasion cancelled a plan to stay in and read!

Well, you can’t just leave when you’ve reached such a crucial point in the story. You just can’t!

5. When you’re reading a book, THAT is your real world in that moment…

You are so emotionally invested that after you put it down you need a minute or ten to find your balance and come back to reality!

girl who loves to read  5

6. When you relate to a character, you almost live their journey with them!

And it’s not surprising that you think about what happened to them hours after you’ve finished reading.


7. Your imagination is actually far better than that of a lot of people you know…

Obviously, you’ve imagined the lives of so many through your books  - it’s like watching a movie in your head. Only, BETTER!

girl who loves to read 7

8. You often turn up to work sleep deprived because you just couldn't put that book down at night…

“One more chapter... OH MY GOD, plot twist! Have to read the next chapter now.”

9. If you’re reading a series…the wait for the next book in line KILLS you!

“CANNOT wait to find out what happens next.” *Patience levels drop drastically*

girl who loves to read 9

10. You just cannot relate to people who say, “I don’t really read books.”

“You don’t read? What does that even mean? How is that even possible? WHAT is your life?!”

11. You’ve decided that there is no shame in showing emotions (even if loudly) in public places

“Do you expect me NOT to cry if my favorite character just died? Who cares if I’m in a restaurant!”

girl who loves to read 11

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