7 Things That Secretly Win A Girl Over (Take Note, Boys!)

7 Things That Secretly Win A Girl Over (Take Note, Boys!)
There are the grand gestures. And there are the little ones. The ones people don’t even think about “performing” - things that they do just because that’s who they are… Boys would be surprised at how effective those actually are! (And how likely it is that, at that moment, we're ready to say “yes” - to whatever it is they have in mind!! :-P)

1. Feeding us when we’re hungry

Because no one likes to starve. And a full tummy makes us feel all happy and peaceful.

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2. Saying something completely goofy in the middle of an argument

Something so absurd and illogical that we can’t help but stop being upset and start laughing instead.

3. Unexpected hugs

Let’s face it: we’re suckers for cuddles. And an unexpected cuddle is the best of them all.

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4. Standing up for us

Whether it’s to random strangers being jerks to us, or even to friends and family who’ve said something that’s not cool - it’s nice to know we have your support.

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5. A compliment that has nothing to do with the way we look

Yes, “You are beautiful” is a great thing to hear. But even better? Something like “You’re so funny!” Knowing that you like us beyond our looks - that’s pretty special.

6. That puppy-face they make when they realize they’ve dug themselves into a hole

Whether they’ve been caught in a silly lie or remember suddenly that they completely forgot the plans we’d made together - that expression of “OOPS!!” is just so adorable.

7. A message that just says, “Hey, I want to spend time with you.”

It doesn’t have to be a date. Or a special occasion. Knowing that you want to hang out with us just because you want to...that makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside!

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