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As A Blush!! And Other Surprising Ways You Can Use A Chapstick

As A Blush!! And Other Surprising Ways You Can Use A Chapstick

There’s nothing as handy as the humble lip balm - usually underrated as a beauty product but highly efficient when it comes to a variety of skin-related disorders. And when your chappie is made of natural ingredients, it gives you freedom from chapped lips every season AND doubles up as a makeup essential, it’s a win-win situation. Here, we list out some amazing ways to use your chapstick apart from moisturising that gorgeous pucker!

1. Eye Spy!

Did you know your chapstick can work wonders for your under-eye area? It deeply moisturises the tender skin around your eyes and you can apply it at night to wake up to bright, non-puffy eyes. cool uses for chapstick. 1 POPxo recommends: Himalaya Peach Shine Lipcare

2. Shadow Shimmer

A great way to incorporate your chapstick into your makeup routine is to apply it as an eyeshadow, especially if it is slightly tinted. It leaves a great shine on your eyelids and is the perfect partner for that LBD. cool uses for chapstick. 2 POPxo recommends: Himalaya Cocoa Shine Lipcare

3. Moisturise Away

Chappies are great moisturisers. They can be used in place of a regular moisturiser on small areas like your elbows (which tend to stay dry all through the year) and your knuckles. cool uses for chapstick. 3 POPxo recommends: Himalaya Vanilla Shine Lipcare

4. Cheeky Boo

If you have a tinted lip balm (in hues of red and pink), use it as a cheek stain to add a hint of colour to your face and give you a fresh, dewy look.
cool uses for chapstick. 4 POPxo recommends: Himalaya Strawberry Shine Lipcare

5. Lippie Love

If you looking to add a slight bit of shine to your matte lipstick (but not make it very glossy), a lip balm is the perfect go-to product. Use it over your favourite matte lip shade for a smoother, softer pout, with a hint of shine. cool uses for chapstick. 5 POPxo recommends: Himalaya Litchi Shine Lipcare

6. Prime Time

Chapstick can also be used just before applying lipstick as a primer for soft, luscious lips that helps your lipstick glide over smoothly. It fills in the cracks on your lips and creates an even surface for the next product (lipstick) to hit your lips. cool uses for chapstick. 6 POPxo recommends: Himalaya Peach Shine Lipcare *This is a sponsored post for Himalaya Herbals. Try their delightful new range of lipcare sticks that come in five delectable flavours like Strawberry, Vanilla, Litchi, Cocoa and Peach.
Published on Jan 18, 2016
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