7 Things To Remember When Buying Lingerie For A ‘Special Night’!

7 Things To Remember When Buying Lingerie For A ‘Special Night’!
It’s that moment in your life where you’re nervous, excited and euphoric. Lots of emotions running through your head, and the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to look and feel inside. So we’ve put together some reminders that will make your life simple and this process fun!

1. Have an open mind

It’s a new experience, and this is definitely not similar to other underwear shopping time, when you are picking up something functional. So go out there and explore, see what really works for you - but keep the novelty factor in your head. Try something new and different; during the process, not only will you understand yourself and what suits you but also will end up picking something exciting that you will love too!

2. What are you wearing this under?

buying sexy lingerie

You don’t want to reveal your gorgeous lingerie before the moment actually arrives. Let it be a secret. If you are just dressing up in a robe, then there isn’t any problem, but if you are planning to unveil it after a date night then you need to be sure that the dress doesn’t show off the lingerie too much. Keep the look clean and surprise him!

3. Try it on to know if it accentuates your body!

The same lingerie doesn’t work for everyone. Try different styles to know which one should be your choice. Wear it, sit around in it. If you are conscious about a certain aspect of your body, make sure you choose something that makes you forget about that woe. See what makes you feel more confident and flatters you! Buy that, and only that.

4. The choice of the material!

buying sexy lingerie

If you are someone who is allergic to certain fabrics or materials, you know what you’ve got to check out in the side tag of the item! Last thing you want is getting rashes or reactions to this fabric on your skin. Comfort is a huge factor and make sure you don’t compromise on that aspect!


5. Set a budget but be flexible!

Yes, we all have a certain amount we want to spend on this lingerie which you might wear once or twice! Set a budget in your mind, but know that if something makes you feel more attracted to it, then you must buy that! It’s alright to push yourself a tad bit if that means you feel more happy and comfortable! You want to turn out just perfect, after all!

6. Pick complimenting accessories!

buying sexy lingerie

If you are picking a teddy or a baby doll, make sure you pick matching stockings and add a garter for that drama. The overall look will be complete and you’ll feel like a goddess. There are a lot of varieties available, but make sure you stay away from stockings that have big meshes; instead, go for very fine net pair!

7. Take assistance!

Take a friend along or just do research before you go to buy new lingerie. The store staff at the lingerie stores are often very helpful, so do not shy away from asking questions and understanding the products better. More knowledge means you are making better life decisions!

Go out there and steal the show by being on point!

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