9 Things Girls HATE Doing… But We Do Them Anyway!

9 Things Girls HATE Doing… But We Do Them Anyway!
Being a girl comes with its perks and downsides! There’s so much that we want to do, and so much more that we HAVE to do. Here are 9 things we women absolutely hate doing, and yet do them anyway. The struggle is real, ladies!

1. Weekly visits to the parlour to get those eyebrows and upper lips done!

There is nothing NOT to hate about a sharp thread pressing against your sensitive skin. And yet, we must, for how else are we to get rid of those blasted things that crop up every week and threaten us with the possibility of a unibrow or a moustache!

2. And waxing, just about everywhere else...

What’s worse than hot wax ripping chunks of hair off your skin? Getting it done every month! And yet we endure the pain, ‘coz...well, smooth skin.

2 things girls hate doing

3. Wearing a bra - and not being able to take it off at will!

These cute (and quite expensive things!) are major trouble! Underwire that digs into our ribs, hooks that dig into our backs...but can we go without them? Not for a day. There is no escape from boob jail!!

4. Heating your hair to death JUST so it behaves

No one enjoys hot curling rods or straighteners in their hair. But when your hair decides to point in four different directions after a wash, what else are you to do?! Just why couldn’t we all be born with those perfectly behaved, silky, shiny, smooth hair?! Are we really asking for too much?

4 things girls hate doing

5. Covering up in public transport (or on the streets) if you’re wearing anything remotely “revealing”

‘Coz you don’t want to give pervs and creeps any excuses to lech. :-(

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6. Walking/ standing in looong, wobbly heels for hours

If only they didn’t make us look and feel just so sexy...we would have abandoned these highly unstable ladders ages ago!!

6 things girls hate doing

7. Matching nail polish to your outfit - and waiting for it to dry!

Because it always smudges! Even when we’re super careful. And the nail polish remover leaves ugly stains all over our fingers. And yet, we just can’t wear green with grey! :/

8. Skipping chocolate and ice cream and all things nice!

Oh, sugar! If only you wouldn’t settle on our thighs, arms, bellies and butts like you do - we swear we wouldn’t abandon you for anything in the world!

8 things girls hate doing

9. Being polite to people you’d rather punch faces

Especially those who want to dictate and preach to you on your “dressing”, your “morals” and your “manners”... Well, people, DON’T make me actually forget my manners with your idiotic comments and show you how “manner-less” I can be!

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