#MyStory: We SO Wanted To Do It But Just Couldn’t Find A Place!

#MyStory: We SO Wanted To Do It But Just Couldn’t Find A Place!
It had been almost 6 months since we started dating. We would frequently have hot makeout sessions, but unfortunately always in a car. So it would always stop at maximum second base. I was head over heels in love with him and really wanted us to go all the way in bed, if you know what I mean.

The first time I tried to plan a romantic getaway, it was a disaster! I happened to book a horrible place (hey, I didn’t have any experience with these things, you know!). And then the rain ruined things further. The hallway was slippery, the room untidy and OMG-so-unhygienic. We just ended up chatting and drinking. The place totally killed our sex drive.

Then my boyfriend took the matter into his hands and decided to surprise me. He had been to service apartments before and knew it was a good idea. He booked a service apartment which was not anywhere near our homes. We definitely didn’t want any drama upon being seen by someone we knew.

finally we had sex

We finally reached there and guess what…a complete disaster again! After we reached, the caretaker said that we would have to share the place with two other couples, and he would also be staying there! No privacy at all! You don't want anyone else to hear your private moments now, do you?! Aargh!!

We both were completely frustrated and I had even reached the conclusion that we just weren't going to find a place…like, ever!! And we were going to become that couple who never, ever had sex!

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However, the frustration worked in our favour. My boyfriend looked at me with a determined face and said, “Baby, that’s it! We are not staying at this place and I am going to fix this situation. And I am going to show you how it’s done! I am going to make our first time special.”

He immediately made some calls and booked a room in a really fancy hotel. It was such a turn-on for me to see my guy being so authoritative! Now it was even harder for me to wait!

We finally went to the hotel. And OMG, the room was perfect for our first time!!! We just threw our bags on the floor and straightaway got to the point. Like always, it started with a hot makeout session... But this time, it ended with exactly what we wanted! I had the best time of my life! The best sex ever - and totally worth the wait!

We have been together for over 2 years now, but that still remains the best we’ve had till now! Not that the sex isn't good any more, but the excitement, the drama, the anticipation... All these things combined together made our first time EXTREMELY memorable. And we still try to recreate that moment whenever possible. ;-)

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