13 AMAZING Fashion Tips To Cheer You Up Instantly!

13 AMAZING Fashion Tips To Cheer You Up Instantly!
This one’s for the days when you just want that extra excitement and don’t know what to do! You don’t actually have to look any further than your bedroom and your closet, and the most coveted mirror that tells you how much it loves you every day! Try these little tips and you will instantly feel better, we promise! These are awesome and life changing!

1. Wear Bright Clothes!

Fashion tips to brighten your day

The magic of wearing a yellow or pink and blossoming after that is something you deserve, girl! Opt for a pair of palazzos, a bright blazer or a nice pink skirt - whatever it is, it will definitely make you smile.

2. Give Yourself A Manicure

I know, it sounds like a mammoth task to get everything together, but that warm frothy water and those filed nails will feel so good, you wouldn’t mind giving this a shot! What’s even better is if you get a friend to join in!

3. Wear A Bright Lipstick Or A Fun Nail Paint!

Fashion tips to brighten your day

Put on a red lipstick or get some coral nail paint on those gentle ladies! This will surely boost all kinds of amazing emotions inside you! Trust us! If this is not your thing - you can even try a different coloured eyeliner to get the same zing!

4. Dress Up In Your Favorite Dress

For no reason! Wear your most loved dress and walk around at home if you don’t have plans. Put on some nice music and dance around. We all do it sometimes, right?

5. Put On Your Tallest Heels!

Fashion tips to brighten your day

This again does not mean you need to go out! Wear them and do some catwalking while you look into the mirror. We recommend you do this along with some friends! It sure feels awesome!

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6. Clean Your Closet

This, my dears, is one thing that helps clean the chaos inside your head too! Throw away stuff you don’t need. Give it to someone who needs it more. You will get another level of happiness in the proces. We say: Aye! Aye!

7. Wear Happy Lingerie

Fashion tips to brighten your day

Even if no one is looking, put on your special lingerie and be easily transported into a world of beauty and warmth. We mean it! Wearing some good underwear can make you feel dreamy all day!

8. Of Course, Some Retail Therapy

No, we are not urging you to go spend money at the mall. Just spare 500 bucks and go to your local market where you will find lots of options for cheap accessories, jewellery and maybe some cute tops too!

9. Highlight Your Most Preferred Feature

Fashion tips to brighten your day

Love your legs? Wear something short to show them off. Proud of your arms? Go sleeveless! Think your smile is special? Wear some gloss. Adorn your delicate fingers with some pretty rings... Whatever it may be, just show your body some more love!

10. Try Something New!

Experiment with your style. Always dress in pretty pinks? Go for something totally black and grey. Put on a different kind of a skirt or dress. Slip on that top you have been avoiding because it doesn’t suit your style!

11. Spray On Plenty Of Perfume!

Fashion tips to brighten your day

Yes, more than usual. Science says that when you wear your most desirable perfume, it can change your mood drastically. Put some under your knees, your neck and your wrists. That amazing freshness will kickstart your day in the best, happiest tone!

12. Wear Coloured Glasses

Wearing a specific shade of sunglasses can make you feel better as it helps the light entering your eyes be concentrated in one spectrum, which actually enhances your mood. #WhoKnew!

13. Take Endless Pictures

Fashion tips to brighten your day

Delete the bad ones, keep the rest! Smile in some, make wacky faces in the others. Getting photographed is such a good idea, isn’t it? Those lovely colours and those photo filters give you all types of feels!

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