7 Things His Body Language Reveals (Even If He Doesn’t!)

7 Things His Body Language Reveals (Even If He Doesn’t!)
“But it was the way he was talking to me - I just felt like he really was interested in me. How do I know?!” Just how many times have you had this conversation with your bestie? Worry no more, these tricks will get you sailing smoothly in all matters of the heart. Here’s how to decode his body language, so that you know what his actions actually mean!

1. Is he flirting with you?

Does he keep shifting from one foot to another, or trying to lean on a wall nearby? Chances are he is trying to alter his body language to his most confident self around you. If he seems really engaged in the conversation, while holding that eye contact and frequently leaning in towards you, - rest assured, he is really interested in you.

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2. Or is he just not all that into you?

He may be polite to you, but may keep checking out other women in your company. Also he may not have steady eye contact and be easily distracted too. His crossed arms and legs also suggest that he’s not really into you, especially if his leading leg is not on the top. It means that he is actually looking for some space.

3. Ooo…he likes you!

He has a little smile playing around his lips, just on the corners - only for you to see. If a guy likes you, he’ll also give you a slight head tilt, after having locked eyes with you after a while, to subconsciously tell you he likes you. Men also lift their eyebrows for a fraction of a second when they look at the woman they like - and extend their palm towards her, to literally reach out to her.

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4. Is he faking it all?

A half smile, or a sneer-like grin are the first signs that he’s not being sincere, what with each side of his face telling a different story! A long, piercing look that lasts over five second also does not happen naturally, and does not always mean that he’s interested in you. Sometimes, it just means that he’s trying to seduce you.

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5. Ooh la la…he has the hots for you!

He will often stand with his legs apart and his pelvis facing towards you, or touch his belt and hang his thumb off his pockets to subconsciously try and get your attention towards his ‘assets’. He will also lick his lips while looking at you, or touch the small of your back or your sides when he’s sexually aroused!

his body language

6. Is he uncomfortable around you?

Watch those toes! If they point towards each other - it means he is a little unsure of himself around you, and if they point towards the door, he’s just waiting to walk out soon. Also pay attention to his hands, if he keeps them on the the table while talking to you - he’s relaxed, but if he’s trying to hide them from you, it means he’s trying to hide something from you too.

7. Aww…he is actually looking for a long-term relationship with you!

He will frequently stroke your head or your back to show that he cares. He will also match his pace with you while walking, and hold you by the waist or interlock his hands with yours - to show off the two of you as a couple to the world. He’ll also frequently cup your face in his hands, sweep a strand of hair off your face, watch you walk away and plant really soft kisses every time, everywhere.

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