Pretty Sports Bras?! Yes, We Found Them For You!

Pretty Sports Bras?! Yes, We Found Them For You!
So you’ve been thinking about hitting the gym lately? The most important thing to take care of before you start your quest to become fitter, is the sports bra. Finding the perfect sports bra that will give you the right support when you’re off doing some crunches or jumping jacks can be a little difficult... and most times we go #KyaPehnu? Which is why we, with the help of the fab folks at Amazon Fashion, bring to you 8 fab options for when you hit the gym!

1. Fresh as a daisy

cutest sports bras. 1

There is no room for boring or dull when you’re working out. This strappy sports bra will be your perfect companion to kick-start that metabolism… in style!

Price: Rs 1,499. Buy it here!

2. Run around in chevron

cutest sports bras. 2

Play with some prints while working your way towards your ideal body type. This light-padded beauty comes in a sleek chevron print and makes your time at the gym more fun!

Price: Rs 1,100. Buy it here!

3. Neon crush

cutest sports bras. 3

For those days when you are doing some light cardio, opt for this pretty neon number with a gorgeous laced racer back.

Price: Rs 429. Buy it here!

4. Swipe shoulder

cutest sports bras. 4

If you are looking to really splurge on a gorgeous sports bra, then look no further! This fabulous black bra with a zig-zag swipe design will take care of all your gym-wear woes.

Price: Rs 3,140. Buy it here!

5. Post it up

cutest sports bras. 5

Funk things up a bit with this playful sports bra. Comes in a cool poster print, it is perfect for summer when you want to show off that ripped, or on the way to being ripped, tummy!

Price: Rs 849. Buy it here!

6. Magical brush

cutest sports bras. 6

This bra reminds us of the colours of the sea and the criss-cross back design is to die for! Have fun while you go for that long run in this cute number!

Price: Rs 2,399. Buy it here!

7. Kick it in pretty colours

cutest sports bras. 7

Available in a wide range of pretty colours, just slip this one on and get that motivation going! Loving the black accent in the middle that gives this simple bra a unique character of its own.

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here!

8. Baby blue

cutest sports bras. 8

When you get such gorgeous workout wear options, doesn’t it make you want to spend more time at the gym? How cute is this baby blue sports bra? Definitely on our wishlist!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here!

*This is a sponsored post for Amazon Fashion.