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Boarding School Vs Day School: Which Is More Fun?

Boarding School Vs Day School: Which Is More Fun?
Boarding school and day school lives are significantly different. There is no denying that! And there is also no denying that we love to fight about which is the better one! Here are a few points being debated by both sides! So day school vs boarding school, who wins?!

1. Everlasting bonds!

Day School: We came to school with our friends and even left for home with them, and then spent all day together again at each other’s houses. We even knew all about each other's’ siblings and cousins, and what’s better is that we became great friends with them too.

1.Boarding School and Day School

Boarding School: The friends you make at boarding school are friends for life! The bonds are unbreakable and unshakable. They have seen you at your best and worst and stood beside you like family through your most important years - when your family could literally not be there with you! All those days and nights spent together definitely pay off!

4.Boarding School and Day School

2. Extracurriculars for the win!

Day School: There may not have been as much emphasis on extracurriculars as studies, but we made sure to join at least one club or sports team just so that we had a legitimate reason to bunk classes!

Boarding School: Extracurricular activities for us, be it debates, theatre, or even sports, were a part and parcel of our everyday lives. They were as important as attending classes and even our teachers encouraged us to do both equally! No wonder we turn out to be all-rounders. :P

3. Freeeedom!

Day School: As soon as that bell rang, we were FREE birds!! We could go wherever we wanted, as long as our parents were chill with it of course. Go home, watch TV, stay in uniform until our parents come back from work… It ALL goes.

3.Boarding School and Day School

Boarding School: We didn't get to go anywhere outside of school property while the term was still on, but we didn't even need to if we’re being honest! Our school was like home away from home and we had all our friends and everything else we needed right there. Tuck shop or the cafeteria and monthly day out passes kept us happy enough.

boarding school and day school

4. Chill time with your friends…

Day School: Plans with friends were quite spontaneous! You could easily go back to your friend's place after school, chill, have a sleepover and just go to school the next day with her. We used to do this ALL the time!

Boarding School: We are always with our friends! We didn't need special permission from our parents to go hang out with them after school or for sleepovers! Every night was a sleepover. And honestly, nothing can beat those after lights out gossip sessions about everything that happened that day. Even though we were together when anything happened!

5. All that pampering!

Day School: So, yeah, our parents did check on us every day about homework and stuff, but looking back now, we're really glad we never ended up missing any of the birthdays, random dinner outings and impromptu shopping trips!

boarding school and day school


Boarding School: Goes without saying that our parents pampered us beyond belief when we were back from school on holidays! All that food they fed us. Ufff. No wonder we were all fatties when we headed back to school! :P

5.Boarding School and Day School

6. Tuitions, tuitions!

Day School: It was a different bunch of people we hung out with. Sure, we had our school friends along, but tuitions meant all those other kids from our rival schools too, and that’s what made it super fun!

Boarding School: Our version of tuitions was basically an extra class after regular classes! We had other things to do after already having sat the whole day in class, you know!

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