19 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Ever Had Flatmates! | POPxo
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19 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Ever Had Flatmates!

19 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Ever Had Flatmates!

When you rent a place out and start living along with a couple of strangers, you become close friends with them (in most cases, at least! :P). A few months down the line, you even find it difficult to imagine your life without these peeps in it. This one is for all such flatmates, your family away from home...

1. A new month means a new set of those same old bills...

With one evening set aside only to sort them out! Rent, electricity, wi-fi, grocery… kiska kitna hua?

2. There is someone who eats others’ food and someone who forgets her food in the fridge till it stinks and is beyond recognition!

Food is undisputedly the most discussed topic, all day, every day. 2 living with flatmates

3. You even spend your lunch breaks planning what to eat for dinner!

Bhindi ki sabzi? Or should we order something?

4. You grow accustomed to watching people strut around in towels, or less!

‘Coz why wear clothes inside the washroom, when you can totally try them in the room, right? 4 living with flatmates

5. But everyone has more clothes, shoes and bags to choose from!

You know, the combined wardrobe and fashion sense of all the girls living together.

6. Most arguments figure around cleanliness!

‘Coz there is always one person who obsesses over it, and another who can’t care less… 6 living with flatmates

7. But any real cleaning happens only before someone’s parents are to come over!

Throw away those beer bottles, and clean away cigarette butts and dump that waste, for god’s sake!

8. And when the parents do come over...

Everyone enjoys free meals during their stay! 8 living with flatmates

9. There’s always a fight over who’s gonna open the door in the morning when the maid comes!

Somebody stop her from ringing the bloody bell continuously!

10. Something breaks down and no one calls the landlord for days...

Till the landlord notices it. Oops! 10 living with flatmates

11. Someone’s BF unofficially moves in as well

And after a while, everyone gets used to him too!

12. Most nights feel like sleepover parties...

Sitting in pajamas, talking, eating and laughing late into the night! 12 living with flatmates

13. And birthdays are always special...

Even if they mean one cake and four friends drinking and dancing at home.

14. Weekends mean calling ‘parlour wali didi’ home

And everyone getting their waxing, facials and mani, pedis done!

14 living with flatmates

15. You know how to handle someone at their emotional worst or drunken most

Since you also know all other minute details of their life too - from each one’s weird taste in food, to her fav cosmetics! Plus, you’re on their speed dial anyway...

16. Your flatmates get worried when you don’t return home on time

And call you, even before and more than your mom does, to make sure you’re safe! 16 living with flatmates

17. You miss them when they’ve gone home for holidays!

And so they do. But well, everyone comes back with treats from home.

18. You’ve been locked out of your house at least once

And your flatmate had to come to your rescue. BTW, it’s also a totally valid excuse to ditch meetings and lectures. 18 living with flatmates

19. After just a year of living together, you have more memories than you can count!

And you wish you could live like that forever! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr MUST READ: THIS Is What It’s Like To Live In a PG! MUST READ: This Is What The First Day Of Living With In-Laws Is Like!
Published on Nov 2, 2015
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