#MyStory: He Hid The Most Important Thing About Himself

#MyStory: He Hid The Most Important Thing About Himself
Despite my horrible experience with a guy - on whom I wasted five years of my life, and then he turned around and told me he wanted to “marry a virgin” - I still believed in love. But I was heartbroken, low and lost interest in things around me. Friends helped me recover. I had almost stopped living - no partying, no outings... But thanks to my friends, I started going out and having fun again.

A few months after my breakup, I received a message on Facebook from a guy: "Hi, remember me?" I read it and realised he was an old friend from junior college days. We got into a conversation and really clicked. He added me on FB and we started chatting over WhatsApp and so on. On the very first day that we started chatting, it went on for hours. Sleep deprived we both were, but still continued talking. About what we were up to the whole day. We kept sending each other pictures of everything possible - what we ate, places we saw, etc. This continued for a few days. I liked the attention and the way he spoke to me made me feel special. Oh yes, one thing I should mention - this was a long distance relationship. He was in Dubai and I was in Mumbai.

Our virtual romance continued, and suddenly he popped the question one day. It was, right away, that he said he wanted to marry me. Apparently he'd had a crush on me since college but I was already in a relationship at that time, and so was he, so it just didn’t happen. I told him all about my experience with my ex, Rohit, and he was okay with that. I wasn’t really ready for another proper relationship after what I had gone through, but this guy was just so much into me! His statuses, his DPs, etc., were always about things we'd talked about. And he was ready to fly and meet me anytime I wanted. He said he was going to carve mine and his names on his Ferrari to make me believe how serious he was! I still wasn’t convinced. Though I wanted to move on in life, and I wanted to settle down with someone, I wasn’t really ready to believe this was true.

He came down to Mumbai to meet me. He was originally from here and had moved to Dubai two years ago for work. We met…and all the inhibitions went away. He made it look and feel real. I was okay and ready. He said he wanted me to meet his parents and all. And that gave me more proof that he really did care about me. He was staying at a hotel for that visit and wanted me to join him. I was reluctant as it seemed weird to stay with him. We had just started…and immediately this? Was this going too fast?  Ultimately, I ignored the doubts in my mind, and agreed to what he said… We spent the night together, and it was a steamy one indeed! Everything was falling in place already. I was happy finally!!

I should have known, though, that it was all too good to be true. Maybe I was a fool to believe him. But trust me, given the things he did for me to prove his love, anyone would have given in.

One of my friends called me one evening out of the blue. We were just talking when I remembered this guy knew my current boyfriend. I just told him that we had become friends on Facebook. My friend said, “He is doing very well in his career, currently in Dubai, has a Ferrari, we all envy him at times and all.” I was blushing because people thought so well of him. Then came the blow. My friend's next words came as a storm and wrecked my dream apart. He said, “I met him few months back at his house in Pune, with his wife and son. His wife is a great cook and his son is so cute. All our friends were in Pune and they invited us over. He is really lucky, yaar, all set.”

By now I was feeling blank. Scenes flashed in front of my eyes. Rohit standing in a corner and laughing with his virgin girlfriend. And this guy with his wife and child. The tears wouldn't stop. Luckily I was alone at home. I told my friend on the phone that I'd talk to him later, had something important to attend to, and broke down completely.

relationship with a married man

I called Mr Dubai. He took my call and said he loved me, he missed me - the usual stuff. I was so angry, but I kept calm and just asked, “How are your wife and kid? Will they be okay about our relationship and marriage?” He was taken aback. He denied being married first, and then went on to say that it was true - just that he didn’t want to lose me after so many years, hence he'd hid it. I was crying profusely by now.

He had all sorts of stories to tell. He said he was on the verge of a divorce and would give me all the proof about it. I wasn’t ready to listen to anything. Maybe love just wasn’t for me. And what had I done to anyone? Why me? Why all this? Questions like these started running through my mind. He said he was sorry and he wanted one chance and he would make things perfect. I didn’t want to listen. May be even I was to be blamed. I just stopped all contact with him completely.

He came down from Dubai to meet me again. I didn’t meet him and I have stopped replying to his messages. It’s been more than a year now, almost two - and he is still with his wife.

I don't know where I went wrong, why I trusted people who would do this to me, where I am headed... I still believe in love,  though. Maybe this time it will be REAL...

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