#MyStory: He Said He Wanted To Marry A Virgin...

#MyStory: He Said He Wanted To Marry A Virgin...
Like all girls of my age, I always wanted a fairytale relationship. I am a hardcore filmy person at heart, hence I assumed that a romance like that was always on the cards for me. But just like in Bollywood films, I’d had number of heartbreaks as well. Still, I always believed in love and I found it again - in a very good friend of mine.

Rohit was a person who was always there for me and respected me just like I respected him. His personality and charisma were fabulous too and we got along really well. The attraction was mutual, and we started dating.

We knew about each other’s past, and we’d both had our share of relationships. None of that mattered - at least, that’s what I thought. Because our relationship was the most perfect thing, until five years down the line, when he started behaving really weirdly. When I asked him why, he said he could not get over the fact that I was not a "virgin"... Oh come on, mister, you already knew that! I was shocked - it took him five whole years to discover that he was uncomfortable with my past??

marry a virgin

Ultimately I caught him with a "friend" of his. When I confronted him about it, he said he had decided to marry her as she was a "virgin" and he always wanted a virgin wife. Oh man! As they say in the movies, mere paero ke niche se zameen hil gayi. There I was, standing and looking at five year of my relationship going down the drain - and because of what? Some regressive fantasy about marrying a virgin?!

I tried to talk to him, to convince him that we could not just waste what the two of us had. We would keep having arguments until I could not take it any more. One day, while we were having this argument again on the phone, I just gave up and said, “Okay, fine, it’s not working - and I guess I am just done… Goodbye.”

I hung up on him, and till today I haven’t looked back. Yes, I was expecting his call of course, hoping that he would come back. But I guess a jerk like him wanted exactly what I did - for me to give him a way out.

I see him in the neighbourhood sometimes, roaming around with his so-called “virgin friend” - oops, now his “virgin girlfriend” and soon-to-be wife... And I thank God today for not being with someone like him. But if only those five years of my life could have been saved! All the trauma I went through just for the sake of saving a relationship - if only that could be healed as easily as he found his “virgin wife”.

But never mind - I have moved on from him, finally. And I still believe in love.

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