#Mayoite: 28 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Are A Mayo Girl!

#Mayoite: 28 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Are A Mayo Girl!
“MAYOOOOOO! MAYOOO! Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap”. You know exactly what I am talking about! We all are proud to have been part of this beautiful legacy and just thinking about those times makes us want to run back to school on the Shatabdi! It doesn’t matter how long or short your duration was at the school, you will totally relate to each and every point mentioned here!! This is an awesome reminder of how much we miss school!

1. You knew the life history of some of the Rajput princesses. Thanks to our House names. Sanyogita - the bewitching beauty; and Padmini - the fairest of them all!

2. Cannot forget the long endless queues in front of the “Meetha Pani” tap during hair-wash days. Unless, of course if you were in Charumati.

3. The favourite Vivek Oberoi Bhaiyaji who gave us extra gulab jamun. You just had to make a puppy face or flash that grin. Whatever worked.

4. There is absolutely no place in the world that serves better rajma-chawal then the school mess, not even home!studied in Mayo

5. On Maggi Sundays, we knew exactly how to be resourceful with the slice of cheese. (Fork used to grate cheese, anyone?)

6. Every girl’s favourite day: 1st August and the school fete. Either for the jukebox, the boys or the food. It was the one day we waited for eagerly!

7. And the one day most girls dreaded - Cross Country Race! The innovative excuses to get away from participating! Wow! There should be an award for the best ones! The Champions could teach you a thing or two about how to run in the sandy terrains in Nasirabad.

8. Mishraji's Bun-Oms and Chinese Samosa? Canteen days were like outdoor picnics and sunday birthday parties were incomplete without these yummy delights!studied in mayo

9. Talk about fashion! The first thing you saw in the mornings was the baijis in their fluorescent pink sarees. Spot on!

10. Juniour Days - Senior Days, Pre-SCs and SCs - additions to our dictionary. Ask any Mayoite what these were!

11. The IPSC fest. Either you had to participate or it had to take place in our school. You needed to know all the updates before everyone else!

12. Want to see some world class equestrian stuff? March down to our epic annual horse riding show. Trust us, you will be enamoured.studied in Mayo

13. From handwritten letters to “sentis”, we had mastered the art of putting our most creative front in those little notes. We still have a trunk full of those!! Don’t we?

14. Our house production of the “Drill!” 100 people giving an orchestrated performance with props was a sure shot winner. Had to be! We would wake up at 4 am to practice!

15. The Quadrangles - the house one or the main school one. We knew when we gathered there, it was for some sort of a special announcement!

16. Our auditorium (Audi) that transformed into an art canvas during the competitions and into a badminton court at “games time” .studied in mayo

17. It was pretty difficult to escape playing a sport with all the sports coaches taking rounds on their Scooties, but girls still managed!

18. Hot buttered toast craving? Find an excuse and run to the infirmary!

19. The sound of the hammer on the gong bell was so beautiful to the ears, especially at 1:30 pm (lunch break), and every morning the hammers would go missing (wake-up alarms).

20. Our principal Mrs.Jamila Singh who successfully nurtured 25 batches before leaving school and we are ever so grateful to her!studied in mayo

21. Always known as the “sister school” to Mayo College. Who were they kidding?!

22. We landed up becoming best friends after school with girls from our “rival schools”. Isn’t it?

23. The famous Hap-Hap-Happy Birthday song! Everyone significant in our lives (non-Mayoites) too know this song well and sing along! Even now!

24. Every day morning was a struggle to find the “surdhanu” (songbook). Most of the times we would land up tearing them into halves and sharing them. Sharing is caring, no?studied in mayo

25. The evening prep time was such a strict one with the teachers on the round. The worst was when they would end up sitting in class. Gossip time over!

26. The evening sunset view of the Sleeping Giant was a perfect reminder of how at the end of the day, we all felt like we belonged here!

27. Mango Masala pizzas - ya, we could never have enough of those. EVER.

28. Going by our motto “Let there be light”, all of us Mayoites believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel!studied in mayo

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