Do You Have a Dark Side? This is What Your Zodiac Says!

Do You Have a Dark Side? This is What Your Zodiac Says!
We’re all part angel and part demon, and can choose to let either part within us play a greater role in becoming who we are. But some things just tick off the demon inside of us! Read on to know if you have a dark side according to your zodiac...

1. Aries

You are one courageous woman who can get her way with her steely determination. But what scares away the difficulties in your path is your mad anger! Anyone who’s been a witness to your rage will testify to its horror. It’s that passionate fury inside of you that makes you independent and fearless. Surely no one wants to get on your bad side!

aries - your dark side

2. Taurus

There is no love like the love we hold for ourselves, and no one teaches that better than you do, Taurus. You always look out for your own, and keep your needs above those of others, ‘coz only you can know what you want and give it to yourself in the best version possible. Other people might term your love for your self as narcissistic - but you don’t really care. Plus you are your fav person in the whole world, and who isn’t selfish about the one person they love the most?!

taurus - your dark side

3. Gemini

Oh, Gemini, you are a genius! That razor-sharp brain you possess can confuse everyone around you, and make them think exactly what you want them to think. Not even the people closest to you can ever figure out what is it that you’re really thinking, feeling or saying… And the thing is, you kinda never want them to either.

gemini - your dark side

4. Cancer

You believe in the institutions of love, family and marriages and often give them everything you have to make them work, but you never, ever forget the wrongs - emotional or verbal - done to you. You keep the memory of that hurt alive only so that you never may be fooled again, while you fool others with that smile - that has neither forgotten, nor forgiven.

cancer - your dark side

5. Leo

The Lioness commands respect where she goes. Her aura makes people look up to her, and hold all her actions and words in high esteem. And while she does graciously accept it, she secretly prides herself on it. The Leo woman believes her opinion and judgement on every subject to be superior and better than others’, and the thing is, you can hardly ever prove her wrong.

leo - your dark side

6. Virgo

Your intelligence is difficult for anyone to compete with. You have an analytical bent of mind that can critically judge someone for who he/she really is. You put this superpower to your best advantage possible by never letting anyone blame you for something that’s gone wrong. Even if things are your fault, you’re too smart to let the fault lie with you, and will either act the victim or pass the burden to swiftly walk out of trouble.

virgo - your dark side

7. Libra

If there’s one person who can adapt anywhere, and be the favourite with all - it’s you, Libra. You can charm anyone to your side, and get them to agree with you, and do as you say - all for their love for you. You carefully study the reaction of other people and then adjust yourself around them to your own best advantage. Just like a shapeshifter, you can be one with the surroundings, effortlessly.

libra - your dark side

8. Scorpio

The passionate Scorpion is a brilliantly sharp and direct woman, who should never be taken lightly. She has a strong need accompanied with a fierce will to avenge every wrong that has been done to her. She cannot let someone or something pass without paying its debt to her, even if it’s her own self. She believes in squaring things out, and comes out ever stronger from every situation. You really need to think twice before messing with her - ‘coz she’s gonna come get you.

scorpio - your dark side

9. Sagittarius

You, Saggi are an absolutely fun person who always looks at the brighter side of things. You love being in the center of all activity and get a kick out of the buzz of it all. You want to be pampered, receive attention, and be talked about - and sometimes, that can make you act almost like a child. Your restlessness may make you push things too far, and judge superficially even - but it’s always done in the spirit of adventure that you crave for.

saggi - your dark side

10. Capricorn

The Capricorn woman is a fair and determined person, who doesn’t shy away from exploring new things in her quest for security, power and progress. And more often than not, she gets them too - but her sense of justice doesn’t let her be at peace even with herself when things go wrong, and she may get too hard on herself and let herself ‘suffer’ for the mistake she made. But her determination and that strong need for power make her bounce back and get her moving stronger in life.

capricorn - your dark side

11. Aquarius

The Aquarian woman is smart and friendly, someone who not only holds a strong set of beliefs but is also tolerant of things others believe in too. She is responsible and lives fearlessly by her own rules. She craves privacy, from time to time, to escape into her own world - where sometimes her beliefs get tangled with her fears and superstitions - but her logic and compassion save her from it .

aquarius - your dark side

12. Pisces

Pisces, you are a sensual and creative person who can really look into the soul of another, and understand their whole being intuitively. However your usually balanced and logical self can be taken over sometimes by overwhelming lust. When you want something, you obsess over it. What you set your heart upon, cannot be taken away from you - and you wont stop till it belongs to you, come what may.

pisces - your dark side

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