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7 Surprising Ways Green Tea Makes You Prettier!

7 Surprising Ways Green Tea Makes You Prettier!
Downing cups of green tea has turned into quite the rage amongst the calorie conscious and fitness aficionados. If you’re drinking the right kind of green tea, its antioxidants and detoxifying properties make it a wonder drink and we don’t just mean when you’re trying to cut down the inches. Green tea has plenty of benefits when it comes to giving you a healthy complexion and even whiter teeth! If you haven’t already jumped onto the green tea bandwagon, here’s a list of reasons that will make you...

1. Get Rid Of That Tan

beauty benefits of green tea Summer is still going strong and just because you’ve spent some time under the sun and your skin has turned a few shades darker doesn’t mean you need to scrub your skin raw. A green tea compress is amazing for getting rid of suntans and even soothing sunburns. Freeze used tea bags and apply it locally to see the difference or you can make a face mask of yogurt mixed with ground green tea leaves to help even out your skin tone.

2. Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Dark circles and puffy eyes are major tells of a late night or a hectic week at work. One super quick fix is to place cold green tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes before rushing out of the door. It will help shrink blood vessels, which will zap puffiness and help reduce dark circles, leaving your eyes brighter and more alert. It’s the best way to fake 8 hours of beauty sleep.

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3. Shampoo Commercial Locks

beauty benefits of green tea Who said super shiny hair was only something you see in hair commercials? You definitely want to try this hair secret to bring some shine to dull hair. Just boil a few green tea bags in water and let it cool before using it as a hair rinse. Leave it on your mane for about 10 minutes before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning. Say hello to flip-worthy hair with a healthy sheen.

4. Zap Those Zits

Green tea is rich in antibacterial elements (known as catechins) and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a fabulous acne buster, it’s no wonder it’s a key element in so many skincare products. It’s soothing on your skin, heals it and even lightens marks without causing any irritation, making it perfect for sensitive skin as well. Drink it regularly and apply it topically for the flawless complexion you’ve always wanted.

5. For Pearly Whites

beauty benefits of green tea Tired of hiding that smile for the fear people will notice the colour of your teeth? Tetley Green Tea contains a mineral called fluoride that helps keep your teeth healthy by maintaining normal tooth mineralisation. So, you get whiter teeth with the least amount of effort. Shine on bright!

6. Fight Wrinkles

Forget about splurging on various anti-aging creams and serums, if you drink green tea you’re already winning the battle against premature aging. Approximately 99% water when brewed, Tetley Green Tea helps maintain hydration and also contributes richly to your daily fluid requirements, when sipped on regularly! It also helps flush out toxins from the body. Hydrated skin means better cell renewal, which prevent wrinkles and sagginess. 

7. Exfoliate Those Skin Woes Away

beauty benefits of green tea Dry ground tea leaves mixed with honey make a dream team for exfoliating away dead skin cells and pollutants, giving you skin that is smoother and softer than you ever imagined. Thanks to green tea's anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps reduce blemishes and cools the skin, leaving it super fresh and healthy. * This post is sponsored by Tetley Green Tea Images: Shutterstock