#SoBo: 20 Things Every South Bombay Girl Will Get!

#SoBo: 20 Things Every South Bombay Girl Will Get!
You live in Bombay (who really calls it Mumbai?!), but you don’t really need to leave town and explore the rest of the city for anything. You’re from SoBo and LOVE it. If you were born and raised south of the Sea Link, you will definitely relate to these!

1. You much prefer airy taxis to tiny rickshaws. And let’s not even get started on how badly those rick drivers drive. Getting into one is like a suicide mission.

2. You know a lot of fellow townies who talk with an accent, even if they’ve never been out of the country.

From South Bombay

3. You’re still so mad that Forever 21 opened in Malad. Can you believe they haven’t opened one in town till now?!

4. Travelling to the burbs requires a whole day spent commuting.

From South Bombay

5. And yes, you have made that hike to Forever 21, but it required days of planning - as if you were going out of town.

6. Your weekends are spent deciding where to go between Li Bai, Exo, Asilo, Social and Café Zoe.

From South Bombay

7. You generally only go to the burbs to eat at Yauatcha or when you’re going to the airport.

8. You know that Zaffran is the best place to get food in the middle of the night, and Trattoria at the President - if you have money to spend of course.

From South Bombay

9. You’re super proud of the fact that you will only find British architecture and history in South Bombay.

10. Almost every single person you know was born at Breach Candy hospital (including yourself).

11. Palladium is the only place to shop. You have no idea who even goes to Atria anymore!

From South Bombay

12. Of course this means you invariably always bump into at least 3 people you know every time you go to Palladium - the mall and the hotel!

13. All your friends and you went to HR, Jai Hind, Xaviers or Sophia.

14. You know that Sophia is actually pronounced So-fa-yah.

15. You breeze through the roads during the rains while Bandra and beyond is sinking in floods.

 From South Bombay

16. As a kid, you used to love celebrating special occasions at the Ambassador Hotel thanks to their revolving restaurant. Can you believe it shut?!

17. Whenever you’ve travelled by local train (which is rare) there’s always plenty of room in the compartment, while people are hanging out of trains going in the opposite direction. Poor guys!

From South Bombay

18. New Bombay? Vashi? Thane? You don’t think they’re actually part of Bombay!

19. It doesn’t matter how many beaches there are in the suburbs, nothing beats Chowpatty and the Queen’s Necklace is a view that totally signifies Bombay.

20. All jokes aside, of course the burbs are as much a part of Bombay as town is, but you know you will never change your address to anywhere else in the city.

From South Bombay

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