10 Signs You Are A Real Life Carrie Bradshaw!

10 Signs You Are A Real Life Carrie Bradshaw!
You can love her, you can hate her, but you just can’t ignore her. Carrie Bradshaw has been judged by us for some of the things she did, but she did most definitely capture our hearts. She is someone we cannot forget and most of us resonate with at some level. Here are a few things you will get if you are, in fact, a real life Carrie Bradshaw!

1. You like the idea of being in love

Whether or not you do have someone you have romantic feelings for in your life, you love the idea of being in love with someone! And no matter where in the world you might go, you always do manage finding yourself at least someone to crush on. ;-)

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2. You’ve learnt the art of spending to your heart’s content

Whether or not you spend all those extra hours at work. No therapy like retail therapy! No one knows that better than you.

3. You know who your true friends are and you love and cherish them

You might know a lot of people, but not all of them are your “friends”. You know those who are loyal to you and love you and you stand by them and love them no matter what!

real life carrie 3

4. You’re a total city girl

You love the big city and want to live there now and forever. And if you aren't living in one already, you have plans made to move the first chance you get!

5. You love dressing up for yourself!

You absolutely love dressing up, no matter what the occasion or where you are heading. It is something you enjoy doing and you do it for no one else but yourself. You’re fond of clothes and bags and shoes and you absolutely love checking yourself out each opportunity you get!

real life carrie 5

6. You dream big. You don’t know any other way!

You aim for the stars and nothing else. You want to be famous and you want to be known for the work you do! And, most importantly, you want a job you love!

7. And you don’t worry about what other people think of your dreams

Or your way of life. You’re determined to live, love and succeed on your own terms.

real life carrie 7

8. Fashion magazines are your guilty pleasure

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Yours are fashion magazines. They may not fill your stomach, but they sure do serve as food for your soul!

9. You wear your heart on your sleeve

And you’re not afraid to hide your emotions! You feel what you feel, you’ve gotta say what's on your mind and you can’t help but act on your impulses (most of the time). You just are what you are!

real life carrie 9

10. And though you love being in love, you don’t need a man to define you

You enjoy being in relationships because of the emotional and physical intimacy that it brings you. That being said, don’t not need a guy to make her happy. You are a self-sufficient, independent woman!

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