How To Get Legs Like Lisa Haydon!

How To Get Legs Like Lisa Haydon!
Lisa Haydon has it ALL! She’s got the body of a goddess, the personality of a charmer, and of course, has a gorgeous pair of beautiful never ending legs all of us secretly want. In short, she’s the epitome of sexy and we love her to bits. If you’ve always wanted to get silky, smooth and flawless legs like Lisa Haydon’s, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started, shall we?

I. Exercise Like A Gym Bunny

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Images: Lisa Haydon Official On Instagram (here)

1. Do Some Squats

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For toned and fit legs, you’ve got to try squats! This exercise will not only leave you with firmer, more toned legs, but will also shape up your abs, tighten your back muscles, and keep your core strong.

Step 1 - Stand firmly on the ground keeping your feet slightly apart.

Step 2 - Now slowly bend your knees at a 90 degree angle (Imagine you’re about to sit on a chair)

Step 3 - While you’re at this position make sure to keep your spine and shoulder blades erect.

Step 4 - Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and get back to the initial position.

No of times: Do this exercise 8-10 times without taking a break.

2. Try The Slimming Skater Exercise

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Love skating? Now you can do it as an exercise in the very four walls of your crib! This exercise focuses on toning thigh muscles and strengthening your core.

Step 1 - Stand straight, arms by your side and feet placed together.

Step 2 - Now, take a wide ‘skate’ step pushing your left leg behind and your right arm in front.

Step 3 - Change directions, and repeat the same exercise using your right leg this time.

Step 4 - For an entire minute, keep alternating from left to right.

3. Run Faster Than Road Runner!

legs like Lisa Haydon

Did you know that Lisa Haydon is a HUGE fan of running? She starts her run at 5:30 am and keeps at it till she spots the sun rising. Infact, she enjoys it so much that she has an endorphin rush after her run! It’s an exercise she can’t give up. She’s devoted to it. You too can start off small. A good run does fabulous things for your body. It boosts stamina, confidence, and burns fat instantly. You can increase the number of rounds you do after building stamina.

4. Tried Yoga Yet?

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Yoga is one of the biggest secrets behind Lisa Haydon’s flawless legs. She believes that being fit is the new sexy. Yoga is what keeps her body flexible, and her mind relaxed. You too can do the same! Check the video above for some serious fitness inspiration.

II. Choose Your Food Wisely

legs like Lisa Haydon

If your food is oily, greasy or fatty, you can forget about getting legs like Lisa Haydon (or anybody as fit as her!). This dusky beauty sure knows how to eat clean and right. She eats in small portions. Foods that contain ginger, coconut milk, carrots, cucumbers, and steamed idlis make it to her priority list. She’s also not a huge fan of dairy products. She usually prefers fruit smoothies over them. So ladies, eat foods that are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, protein, and you’ll be just fine. This will not only keep your body healthy, but will also keep your legs toned and firm.   

III. Pamper Those Legs

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Working out to get great legs is one thing, maintaining them is another. That’s why it’s important to groom them regularly. Take care of them, and they’ll reward you by looking fabulous. All you need to do is bare these things in mind first.

Image: Lisa Haydon on Twitter

1. Clean and Silky Smooth Legs

legs like Lisa Haydon

If you take a closer look at Lisa Haydon’s legs, you’ll notice that they always look smooth and gorgeous. They do so for a good reason too! That’s because she showers them with attention and love. You can do the same by finding a hair removal technique that works best with your skin type. If you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of unwanted hair on your legs, shaving and waxing are great options. If you have sensitive skin, hair removal creams will do just fine. For long term results, laser and electrolysis will leave your skin feeling soft and uber smooth.

2. Don’t Forget To Scrub

legs like Lisa Haydon

You want shiny, glossy and smooth legs, don’t you? Then you’ve got to look after those legs. Start by giving them a good scrub. A scrub not only helps you remove dead skin cells, but will also keep your the skin on your legs healthy and moisturized. Once you’re done with the scrubbing, rinse off gently with lukewarm water. Don’t wipe, just dab dry using a soft towel. You can also apply baby oil or body cream to keep your skin fresh, smooth and soft!

3. Regular Pedis And Moisturizing Is A Must!

legs like Lisa Haydon

For glossy legs, moisturize your skin often. Don’t ignore your nails either. Keeps them clean, shaped and soft. Make sure you get a pedi twice a month to keep those nails healthy and fresh. For radiant looking skin, apply moisturizer every alternate day. While applying it onto your legs, make sure that you’re massaging your legs in a circular motion. This will help the cream to blend with your skin even better. Follow these tips to get to your goal. Who knows, your legs might soon be the envy of everyone you know!

Images: Shutterstock, Instagram, Viral Bhayani.

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