9 Everyday Makeup Mistakes - Are YOU Making Them Too?! | POPxo
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Home > Beauty
9 Everyday Makeup Mistakes - Are YOU Making Them Too?!

9 Everyday Makeup Mistakes - Are YOU Making Them Too?!

Whether you wear makeup all the time or only on special occasions, you’ve probably got a makeup routine that works well for you.  But it doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup maven or a newbie, there are a few mistakes that everybody makes even if they’ve perfected their routine years ago. We give you some of the most common makeup mistakes that could make you look older than you are and is ruining your skin. Everyone is guilty of committing a few of these, yes, even beauty editors!

1. Putting Way Too Much Concealer On A Pimple

Of course we all reach for our concealer the second we spot a nasty zit, but trying to cover it up by using way too much concealer and then patting it down only makes it look too cake-y. Plus, it forms an unattractive ring around the pimple. Instead, add a bit of concealer on the zit itself and not on the area around it and use a brush or sponge (not your fingers) to blend it by gently dabbing it. Add another layer in this same way if you think you need it. Common Makeup Mistakes

2. Testing Your Foundation On Your Wrist

This is how everybody buys makeup, in fact the salespeople at makeup counters do it too and it’s probably the reason why your foundation shade is all wrong for you. The skin on your hands and wrist don’t necessarily have to match the skin tone of your face. Find a more accurate foundation match by testing the colour along your jawline. It helps to go out into natural light to see if it matches your skin and looks natural.

3. Wearing Waterproof Mascara Often

Waterproof mascara is awesome if you’re going for a pool party or wedding (we all cry at weddings) but why do you need to wear it everyday? The ingredients that make it waterproof are extra drying for your lashes, which is why they’re not meant for daily use. Plus, you know how difficult it is to remove. All that rubbing everyday will only cause your lashes to fall out.
Common Makeup Mistakes

4. Applying The Wrong Blush

Using a red blush is a complete no-no, it just ends up looking too artificial. The blusher you use should compliment your natural blush tone. A good rule to follow is to match your blush to your lips, especially if you’re going nude or using a pretty pale pink lipstick. Of course, this doesn’t hold true if you’re colouring your lips a dramatic shade of fuchsia or dark wine. If you’re going for a bold lip then your blush should be subtle.

5. Using Expired Makeup

If you can’t remember how long you’ve had most of the makeup sitting on your dresser, the smart thing to do is throw it all out. The shelf life of most makeup products is anything between a few months to a year at the maximum. Remember to replace your eyeliners and mascaras as regularly as you can, as they can turn into breeding grounds for infections within a few months. Using old or expired makeup will lead to skin irritation and infections which is really not worth the risk.
Common Makeup Mistakes

6. Going All Out With Bronzer/ Highlighting Products

Who doesn’t love a fresh, dewy glow? But going nuts with these luminizing products will only make your face look like a disco ball. Limit using them to your cheekbones, brow bones and nose. One great trick is to draw the number “3” down your face, starting at your brow bone, down under the apples of your cheeks and then down your chin (under your lips). Do this on both sides of your face for a lovely highlight.

7. Applying Makeup On Dry Skin

This is a major beauty sin as your makeup won’t blend into your skin properly, leading to that horrible pancake effect. Make sure to moisturise daily and exfoliate your skin every week to keep it soft, hydrated and healthy. Common Makeup Mistakes

8. Clumping Your Mascara

Using way too much or too old mascara gives you those dreaded mascara clumps. We all know that spidery, clumpy lashes are never a good look. Throw out your old mascara and buy a new one and remember to apply one or two layers max. You can use a clean mascara wand through your lashes to get rid of those unsightly clumps.

9. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

We have told you this time and again and will never stop, it’s for your own good (don’t we sound just like your mom?)! It’s extremely important to wash your makeup sponges and brushes every few weeks, or depending on how often you use them. Otherwise, you’re just putting yourself at risk of skin infections and breakouts.
Common Makeup Mistakes Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: Get Flawless Skin… By BAKING Your Makeup!! MUST-READ: Katrina’s Makeup Look For 1,000 Rupees?! (It’s POSSIBLE!!)
Published on Sep 30, 2015
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