#GirlCode: How To Deal With Your Bestie's Ex-Boyfriend!

#GirlCode: How To Deal With Your Bestie's Ex-Boyfriend!
It can be a very tricky thing - figuring out how to handle things when your best friend breaks up with her boyfriend. While your best friend undoubtedly needs you to during this time, the fact is she could have also - in the past when they were together - encouraged you to become friends with the guy who is now the ex. So what should you do?!

1.The Social Network

Social media plays an unusually large part of our romantic lives (probably because of the “relationship status” field on Facebook). While it may seem obvious to offer to delete the bestie’s ex on all forms of social media straight away, you could keep him on your list, just in case your bestie fancies a stalk every now and then! Ask her and see what she decides!

best friends ex boyfriend

2. The Interrogation

It could be that you and the ex run in similar social circles. In that case, you two are bound to bump into one another on nights out. If he corners you and tries to probe you for information about your best friend, you shouldn’t let on too much and give things away. After all, if she wanted him to know - she would tell him herself! Of course, there is no harm telling the ex that your bestie is doing just fine if not fabulous in her new single life!  

3. Don’t Shoot The Messenger

If he happens to contact you to try and amend the situation between him and your bestie, it really is best to not get too involved. Despite the fact that your intentions are good, there is so much that can be miscommunicated and lead to complications. So, before replying, pass on the message to your bestie and inform her that he tried to communicate with you.

best friends ex boyfriend

4. Unexpected Encounters

If you are out and about with your best friend and happen to bump into the ex unexpectedly, then it is only right that you warn your friend when you see him. Ask her how she feels about handling things, and act accordingly. It could be that she has been wanting to talk to him and asks you to lend a hand, or it could be that she wants to avoid him entirely - either way, ask her. Don’t initiate any unnecessary chit-chat with him!

5. Friendship And Other Factors

If you happen to be in the same friends’ group, then take your time to explain to your best friend that the situation is such. With time, it is something she will understand. At first, though, when the breakup is still recent, you may want to show solidarity with your bestie and hang out with her more rather than making plans with that group of friends (even though it’s completely harmless) - she could take it the wrong way and feel hurt.

best friends ex boyfriend

6. The New Girl

If he and you remain to close friends and he chooses to introduce you to the new girl in his life, then you need to figure out whether to tell your bestie about this meeting. Would it be something she would want to know? It’s also important to consider why the ex is choosing to parade his new bae in front of you - does he want this to get back to your bestie?!

7. Jerk Alert

If, on the odd chance, your best friend’s ex-boyfriend is jerk enough to try and flirt with you - do not entertain him, not even for one minute! Truly, if she is your best friend, this is not a situation that you want to get yourself into!

best friends ex boyfriend

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