#MyStory: A Letter To The Friend Who's ALWAYS Been There...

#MyStory: A Letter To The Friend Who's ALWAYS Been There...
Dear Bestie,

I could start by saying "When I count my blessings, I count you twice", but let’s be real, you’re going to laugh in my face at that outpouring of cheesiness. Yes, I’d expect nothing less from one of the most amazing, straightforward, honest people I know. Sometimes, I wonder how you can be so straight up with me, and yet never offend me. I guess we’ve passed that point now, where things you say can make me feel bad. Over the years, you have become less of another person and more my conscience. Does one ever feel bad when their own conscience points out something? I suppose not.

letter to my best friend

In your own, unique, nonchalant way, you’ve become indispensable to me. Yeah, yeah...I know what they say - no one’s indispensable. But I’m not in the mood to be a realist right now. I’m in the mood to tell someone who means the world to me that they indeed mean the world to me. So just shush with the cynicism. I’ll welcome it another day, promise!

So, as I was saying, you are indispensable to me. The doctors at the hospital know that – they kind of got sick of seeing your face round the clock. But I had an operation and you refused to leave my side! My neighbours know that – because no one else would visit me every single day once I was recuperating at home. My family knows that – because you helped them out every minute of the day in that difficult phase. Yes, that’s how you became the person my family considers "family". And I know because - well, I just do.

letter to my best friend

Anyway, this is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to instances when you’ve been there for me. Every heartbreak knows I’d never survive it without you, every rude comment knows you wiped my tears after it ruined my day, and every panic attack knows it would eventually have to leave me because you were reaching soon enough. In a world where two girls posing together in a duck-face selfie become #BestieGoals, you prove to me what real bestie goals are about. And speaking of social media, don’t think I haven’t noticed how you’ve got my back there too. Yup, thanks for telling me when that annoying girl on my timeline posted that ugly picture of me. Thanks to you disaster was averted, and I untagged myself quickly enough. Thanks for always liking everything I ever put up. If there’s ever a picture with only 1 like...I know that’ll be you. And you know what, world? THAT is real goals!

Sometimes I feel bad for the girls who don’t have you in their lives. Obviously, I refuse to share you. They got a hope in hell if they think I’m ever letting you go. Like, don’t they know we are going to get married to two best friends and travel the world together, and then our kids are going to be best friends...uff, it’s a whole thing! But I digress... In a day and age of fragile friendships, I know I struck gold! Because, my love, they don’t make them like you anymore. For the many things in life that’ll always remind me of you, the most important one would have to be how you’ve always, ALWAYS been there in my hour of need. Come hail or sunshine – you’ve been there.

letter to my best friend

Come ridiculously different life situations we are in – you’ve been there. Come difficult times of your own - yup, still been there! If I can do even half of what you’ve done for me, I’ll consider myself a winner. But for now, my words will have to suffice. Thank you for being my best friend, my guardian angel, my spirit animal, my soul mate, my agony aunt and my security blanket - all at once. Thank you for being you!

Love always,

Your bestie

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