What To Do If Your Friend's Girlfriend Is Jealous Of You!

What To Do If Your Friend's Girlfriend Is Jealous Of You!
Having a guy best friend is tricky enough – what with all those presumptions about you two being “together”. Having a guy best friend who just got a girlfriend is trickier still! And if she turns out to be the jealous kind, the trickiness of THAT situation knows no bounds! But we have just the advice you need – here’s how NOT to let your guy best friend’s girlfriend be jealous of you, ever!

1. When at the movies, do NOT sit between the two of them

Either sit next to him OR next to her (if you really really want to make an effort for her to like you). Sitting in between can be misinterpreted as saying “I don’t like seeing you two together”, and you DON’T think that. So why give out that vibe, even unknowingly?

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2. Try to strike up a one-on-one conversation with her

Be it about where she went to college, or how she met your friend, or what she’s planning to do in life – take it as getting to know someone on a blind date. Yes, it’s not easy - especially if she’s being less than nice to you. But what must be done - MUST be done.

3. Offer to go shopping with her

You never know, you guys might actually have similar tastes! If that does not happen, however, don’t try to guide her choices - let her pick things out for you instead. You can always NOT buy it saying it’s waaaay beyond your budget. Lack of money is not always a bad thing, you know!

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4. Share your cutesy pet stories with her (IF she’s into that)

Doesn’t matter if she’s a dog person or a cat person. If she has cute pet stories to share, lend an ear, tell her yours, show each other pictures. And if pets don’t rock her boat, try to figure out what does (remember point 2?), and take it from there!

5. Do NOT try to trump things (or instances) she thinks she knows about him

Whether or not they’re correct - or describe your friend truly – does not matter. Just don’t try to show at any given moment that you know him better than she does. No girlfriend likes that!

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6. Invite her for your next girls’ night out plan

How things pan out – whether or not you get along with her after a few drinks – only time will tell. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and invite her. If you love you friend, and he loves her, we’re sure you and her will find a way to get along just fine. :-)

7. The next time you buy him a random gift, get one for her too

Even if it’s something as small as a cutesy keychain, buy it for her! She won’t feel left out, and the thought that you actually thought of her while shopping will make her look at you in a friendly light.

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8. Most importantly, be your true self (even if you do it in small doses!)

Your friend loves you for a reason. If she loves him, she’s bound to find it in her to love you too. Hopefully, you won’t have to try too hard. ;-)

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