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#WOW: 6 Tricks To Steal From Our Fav Celeb's Stylists!

#WOW: 6 Tricks To Steal From Our Fav Celeb's Stylists!
The B-Town celebs we love and adore don’t end up looking so amazing without any effort! And it’s not just them making an effort - the secret to their fabulous appearance is some totally awesome stylists, who are responsible for making or breaking their looks! To look as lovely as our fav divas, here are some styling tricks we NEED to be stealing from their stylists!

1. Kareena’s stylist Tanya Ghavri shows us that less is more


Don’t put all of your trust in accessories to amp up your look! Sometimes, just a classic outfit works way better than going overboard with accessories. You can easily adapt this trick into your daily routine and avoid accessorizing with necklaces and earrings with a top in a very busy print! Trust us, you’ll look tres chic!

2. Rhea Kapoor shows you how to fab layering can be - just look at Sonam!


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Rhea Kapoor is a star just as big as Sonam Kapoor to have pulled off the fashion statements she has helped her sister make! One trick you can definitely pick up from how she styles Sonam is that the skill to layer well will always pay off well! Pick your outfit, and decide which length of jacket, shrug or stole you should go with. Sometimes, the hemlines should be close to each other - and at other times, really, really not!

3. Parineeti’s stylist Nitasha Gaurav shows you how structuring can totally amp your look

celebrity stylists Parineeti

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There is world of elegance in structured clothes! They instantly make you look more sophisticated and are insanely flattering for all body types. Nitasha knows this only too well, and we’re definitely stealing this trick from her! Pleats are the easiest way to add some structure to your outfit - and they definitely work to make your frame look more proportionate.

4. Allia Al Rufai shows us how to be unique - like Deepika & Anushka!

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Allia inspires us to no end with her personal style - just as much as with her celebrity styling skills! We feel what really sets her apart, though, is the risks she takes, with sheer fabrics and grand silhouettes. Deepika’s clad in black with cutouts for the red carpet and Anushka dressed in flowy pastels for daytime promotions are just SUCH different looks but manage to work so well! So dress for the occasion (keeping the time in mind!), but don’t forget to break the rules too!

5. Ami Patel teaches us to experiment like Kangana & Alia

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Styling the likes of Kangana and Alia Bhatt can’t be an easy task! They’re both women with such different styles and a such strong sense of fashion. But Ami does it flawlessly! She’s definitely taught us to experiment with silhouettes and move away from the conventional ones. Variety is the spice of life after all! So mix up that wardrobe of your and be the style diva you were always meant to be!

6. Sonakshi’s stylist Sakshi Mehra shows us how to play with hemlines!

celebrity stylists Sonakshi

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Sakshi Mehra has done some wonderful things with Sonakshi Sinha’s closet! They manage to surprise us time and again with all the amazing looks she sports to events. One thing that we’ve noticed - and loved - is that the variety of hemlines always helps put your best foot forward, quite literally!

Images: Viral Bhayani

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