SO CUTE! 13 Adorable Statement Rings To Brighten Up Your Day

SO CUTE! 13 Adorable Statement Rings To Brighten Up Your Day
Rings may be tiny in size, but their contribution to any outfit can be HUGE. Provided you pick just the right ones, of course! And what else can your ring do? Cheer you up! That’s why we bring you these SUPER adorable statement rings - that are sure to bring a smile to your lips! And guess what? They’re each for less than 500 bucks!

1. Romantic-At-Heart Ring Set

adorable statement rings

All you need in the world is love. If you agree with us too, you MUST add this adorable set of rings to your jewellery box! They certainly have the “aww” factor, and will complement almost any outfit!

Price: Rs 289. Buy it here.

2. MB Lips & Lipstick Dual Ring

adorable statement rings

Want to be the centre of attention at a party? If that’s a nod, flaunt this sexy red coloured statement ring and you’re bound to grab eyeballs in no time! Plus, SO cute!

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

3. Sparkling Floral Cocktail Ring

adorable statement rings

There’s nothing about this ring we don’t like! It’s lovely to look at, and makes a powerful statement accessory when worn. Take a closer look, and it feels like you're wearing a tiny pastel-coloured flower bouquet on your finger. Enough to make you feel cheerful all day long!

Price: Rs 409. Buy it here.

4. Cheri Red/Golden Ring

adorable statement rings

If you love all things cute and funky, this ring is something you should TOTALLY buy. It’s so weirdly cool, we bet it’s gonna be a conversation starter every time you wear it!

Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

5. Zoey White/Golden Ring

adorable statement rings

Just the sight of that tiny wing and that sparklingly star was enough to get our attention! We mean, who has the heart to not pick it up? We would, if we were you for sure. #JustSayin

Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

6. River Island Metal Yellow Ring

adorable statement rings

A delicate metallic bow ring with diamond studs - which girl wouldn’t want to get her hands on it? It’s got CUTE written all over it. If you want to add that adorbs factor to your outfit, you know what to wear!

Price: Rs 390. Buy it here.

7. Lara Karen Peach Ring

adorable statement rings

You know what will make you feel like a real princess? This adorable crown ring, of course! It’s beautifully studded and super-pretty - we care dying to get our hands on it!

Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

8. Crunchy Fashion Alloy Ring

adorable statement rings

Roses, pearls and diamond studs, this ring has got a little of everything. Not to mention that it actually looks like the girl version of knucklebusters! *POW*

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

9. MB Austrian Diamond Studded Orange Ring

adorable statement rings

This ring has got to be the cutest and tiniest pair of shades we’ve ever seen! Not only do we love the Austrian diamonds as studs, we’re also quite taken with that bright orange colouring!

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

10. Aaishwarya Cool Stack of Midi Alloy Ring Set

adorable statement rings

Arrows, hearts, anchors, infinity bands, this ring set has it all. They look so tiny, fragile and lovely, we’re sure that after seeing it here you’d want to buy it before anyone else does!

Price: Rs. 429. Buy it here.

11. Funky Monkey Blue Color Owl Shape Adjustable Statement Ring

adorable statement rings

For real, who doesn’t love owl accessories? Any chain, ring or bracelet that has owls on them, we go gaga about! If collecting owl accessories is a passion, now is the time to make room for one more.

Price: Rs. 220. Buy it here.

12. Krafftwork Silver Alloy Ring

adorable statement rings

Dreaming about Paris lately? This ring is something that will remind you about the “city of love” more often.

Price: Rs. 419. Buy it here.

13. Jewel Touch Gold Color Poker Design Bouquet Ring

adorable statement rings

Anyone in the mood to play a game of poker? Even if you’re not, then this adorable ring is your inspiration!

Price: Rs 310. Buy it here.
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