things to do in bed

12 Things To Do In Bed With Your Partner (OTHER Than Sex!)

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

This is for those times when you’re just not up for “it”, and you find yourselves wide, wide awake! We give you a few other things to try out. Trust us, you’ll have fun!

1. Argue about what you should do…

You want to play with a plane, and he wants to box? What is that all about?!

things to do in bed

2. Have a pillow fight to sort it out!

Nothing beats sense into someone’s head better than a soft, fluffy pillow!

things to do in bed - pillow fight

3. Settle for playing a video game together

Passive-aggressive fight continuation FTW!

things to do in bed - video games

4. Fine, fine, let’s just watch a movie we both like...

As long as there are snacks, obviously.

things to do in bed - watch a movie

5. Play Uno!

Plus 4, Plus 4, Plus 4... Haha, you lose! K, now what?

things to do in bed - uno

6. No harm in just talking to each other, you know...

Pillow talk is the BEST.

things to do in bed -

7. A couple home spa, maybe?!

Raid your bathroom. Find some stuff. Put it on your face, and his. OMG, we SO need to take a selfie now!!

things to do in bed - home spa

8. Dance with each other!

‘Coz if you don’t dance you ain’t no friend o’ mine!

things to do in bed - dancing

8. God, that was tiring. Let’s eat some more!

AAH, stuffed, we’re gonna get fat so faaat!

things to do in bed - eating

9. Let’s exercise!

Couple yoga?! LOL. Let's play plane-plane instead!

things to do in bed - exercise

10. Try singing each other lullabies…

Just don’t get into a fight over who sings it better!

things to do in bed - lullabye

11. Come on, just cuddle up and go to sleep already!

You don’t want the morning to be just be about a quickie, right?!

things to do in bed - cuddling


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Published on Jun 18, 2015
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