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How To Be A Good (No, REALLY Good) Kisser!

How To Be A Good (No, REALLY Good) Kisser!
Kissing is NICE. And no matter how much experience you have in this area already, there is always room for improvement! Sure, there are tons of sex manuals out there to help you get the actual deed right, but what about the basics? We tell you how to make kissing even more fun - for both you and your partner!

1. First things first, do your prep

Ladies, this is very important. Mint is your friend, alcohol and cigarettes are not. Always, always keep a box of mints handy.  Pop a couple a strategically if things look like they're about to get interesting. You could also invest in a tiny carry-pack of mouthwash. Everyone wants to kiss someone who smells - and tastes - fresh. how to be a good kisser 4

2. Avoid certain things like your life depends on it

Your life might not, but your love life certainly might! The taste and smell of onions and garlic, for instance, have the power to overwhelm those breath mints, so just avoid them. And if your partner is vegetarian, then the world of non-vegetarian food items is also best steered clear of. "Yum, you taste like chocolate" is a good thing to hear; but nobody ever said "You taste like eggs" and meant it as a compliment.

3. Tilt the chin to mind the nose

Nose-bumping while you're trying to kiss is sometimes cute, but mostly a bit of a downer. Never try to kiss head-on, nose-forward - just tilt your head slightly to the side, and voila! Awkwardness overcome! Remember, though, to tilt your head the other way, not in the same direction as your partner - else you'll end up doing a side-angle nose-bump, and that's a bit weird. how to be a good kisser 5

4. Start slow, and then figure out the pace

Ladies, how a kiss goes depends not only on you but your partner too! So take a moment or two to figure out a pace that works for both of you. For instance, if you want hot and hungry, and he wants sweet and slow, it’s managed way easier if you start off gently. And then let it get steamy!

5. A little nibbling never hurt anyone

Soft, gentle nibbles to your partner’s lips is not something he is ever likely to complain about. Tease him a bit for a pleasing experience! ;-) Mind that you don’t bite, though - unless that’s what he likes, of course! how to be a good kisser 2

6. Keep in mind that for most people the lower lip is more sensitive than the upper one

No, we’re not making it up - research says so! Even when you smile, your lower lip does way more work than your upper one. Same for your partner! So if you’re wondering how to heat things up, concentrating on the lower lip is a good idea. And the corners of the mouth are super-sensitive too, so don’t ignore those either.

7. About that tongue action…

This is something SO subjective that we can’t give you precise instructions! You need to test how much tongue he likes - and what you’re comfortable with. It’s all trial and error. A gentle flick or two (especially on the lower lip) is a good way to get you started off, though.

8. And your hands….

This is a thing that plenty of us worry about - what on earth do we do with our hands while our mouths are engaged? A safe bet is placing them on the shoulders and around your partner’s neck. Also nice is actually touching his face with your palms - the more you touch, the more intimate it feels. how to be a good kisser 3

9. Stretch 'em toes!

Not all of us are lucky enough to kiss people exactly the same height as us. Assuming you're mostly going to be kissing someone taller, practice stretching up on your tiptoes - and not losing your balance! Stumbling ain't all that fun, guys. And if you're kissing someone shorter, just bend a bit at the knees. There you go - height issues managed!

10. And, lastly...

Don’t forget to relax, breathe and smile! Close your eyes and have some fun! Trust yourself, and it will be GREAT. :-) how to be a good kisser 1 Happy kissing, folks!! GIFs: tumblr MUST-READ: How to Make Your First Time Rock MUST-READ: Kiss & Tell: 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has After Her FIRST Kiss!