19 Signs You’re a TOTAL Girl Boss!

19 Signs You’re a TOTAL Girl Boss!
Whether you’re the quiet sort, or a girl who is always vocal, there are somethings that you know are true - you can take charge of everyday situations, resolve crises in a jiffy, and you know that life is one big balancing act that you have to get ahead on. And you wouldn’t have it any other way! You know that you are (or soon will be) the boss of everything you do. Here are 19 signs that you are a total girl boss!

1) Your dreams are so big, you sometimes take time wrapping your own head around them!

Girl Boss 1

2) And you spend more hours working on making your dreams come true than on day-dreaming.

Girl Boss 2

3) You have absolutely no problems hustling when needed!

Girl Boss 3

4) You love being in love, but you’re totally fine being single as well - you’re willing to hold out for what you deserve.

Girl Boss 4

5) You are absolutely driven about your career - whether your ambition is to be a painter or a CEO.

Girl Boss 5

6) You don’t really care about what anyone says about you.

Girl Boss 6

7) Least of all, nosy neighbours and people on Facebook.

Girl Boss 7

8) You have had at least one break-up you thought you’d never survive. But you’ve totally come out stronger. You go, girl!

Girl Boss 8

9) You’re a girl who likes to speak her mind, undeterred by whether or not people will call you “bitchy”.

Girl Boss 9

10) Of course, you can be nice to people, but if you don’t like someone, you just don’t.

Girl Boss 10

11) You know how to deal with a hangover. Like. A. Boss!

Girl Boss 11


12) If a situation demands some sassiness and finding a creative solution to a crisis, you don’t back out - you own it!

Girl Boss 12

13) You like dressing up - for yourself.

Girl Boss 13

14) Your besties are strong, independent women who always encourage you to achieve more in life.

Girl Boss 14

15) Regressive statements about women are SO not welcome. If anyone happens to offend you with one, well you're not exactly going to sit and watch.

Girl Boss 15

16) You’re no damsel in distress. Whether it’s staying up really late to finish a presentation or booking a cab to get home late at night - you don’t “need” saving.

Girl Boss 16

17) Sure, you have moments of doubt (you’re human and have insecurities like everyone else), but you get back in the game REALLY quickly.

Girl Boss 17

18) You’re kind of allergic to nonsense.

Girl Boss 18

19) If you’re with someone, he is definitely the kind of guy who respects you as much as he loves you.

Girl Boss 19

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