#SoTrue: 16 Frenemies EVERY Girl Has!

#SoTrue: 16 Frenemies EVERY Girl Has!
There are friends, there are enemies, AND then there are frenemies. We all have those people in our lives who we can’t exactly categorize. “Are we friends? Nah. But I don’t hate her!”. These frenemies may not be the worst people in our lives, but they’re definitely not on our “favourite” list. Here are a few frenemies every girl has had or still has (brave of you!) in her life.

1.Your Boyfriend's Girl Best-Friend.

You’re not jealous (fine, maybe a little), but you’re not exactly too fond of her, and to be honest, you’d rather NOT have her involved in your weekend plans. However, there is very little you can say to him, lest you be perceived as the “crazy-jealous-bitchy” girlfriend.


2. That Girl From School Whom You Don’t Exactly Like, But Can’t Do Anything About It Because Your Mom Is Really Good Friends With Her Mom.

So, you’re basically forced to hang out with her and do all sorts of things together. Ah, fun times!


3. That Friend You Asked To Be Your Gym Buddy.

Turns out, she had been working out all along without telling you, and is in super-good shape already. So, while you’re cursing your life after 30 squats, she’s happily on her 100th. Whatever!


4. The Ex-Boyfriend’s Girlfriend You Hang Out With Often Enough.

Ahaan. She doesn’t like you very much, does she?


5. Your Boyfriend’s Ex, Whom He Is Now Good Friends With.

Urgh, the complexities of dating a dude who is now “good friends” with his ex!

Not friends

6. The Colleague Your Boss Wants You To Collectively Work With.

But you’re both competing for the same promotion, and she’s kind of annoying. So, you fake a smile and make small talk and all that, but you just REALLY want to run away.

not friends

7. That Friend Who Has Everything Just Slightly Better Than Yours. And She Knows It!

Slightly better skin. Slightly better hair. Weighs slightly less. Slightly Hotter Boyfriend. You know the drill...


8. That Girl From College You Pulled Some Really Shady Stunts In Front Of.

You just have to be polite to her, maybe with a smile here and there. Because, you know, she knows TOO much!

not friends

9. That Friend Your Family Loves Way More Than You'd Like.

She somehow always manages to maneuver her way into all of your family functions too! How? Why? Woman!

not friends

10. That Girl You Have To Hang Out With And Fake Having Fun With.

Because she is really good friends with your best friend. Just, NO!


11. That Friend Who Is Basically Super-Secretive About Everything.

“No, I haven’t started studying for exams yet.”

“Work out? What work out?”

“Job applications? Haven’t even thought about that yet”.

Unfortunately for her, you ALWAYS know what she’s up to. She doesn't do a great job being secretive now, does she?

not Friends

12. The Competitive One.

She always wants to know what you’re up to. And if she doesn't hear it from you, she will find out one way or another. Because, hello, she has to be two steps ahead!

not Friends

13. The Ex-Bestie You Had A Fall-Out With.

So, you were great friends once upon a time, but you had a fight and have basically never gotten over it. However, you’re too “mature” to go around calling each other nasty names now. So, you just pretend to be cordial, make plans to “catch up” ever so often, and hug and smile when you meet socially.

14. The One Who Thinks Her Issues Are Oh-So-Much More Important Than Yours.

You might be the one who is going through a breakup, but her breakup story will beat yours, any day!


15. The Friend Who Dated The Guy You Had A Crush On.

She knew it all along! But, whatever dude! #facepalm

Not Friends

16. The Friend Who Wants To Know Everything You’re Up To But Is Secretly Judging You.

This one does not even solicit an explanation!

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