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10 Times We've Wished Our Men Were More Like Our Besties!

10 Times We've Wished Our Men Were More Like Our Besties!

No matter how adorable your man is and how deeply you love him, you absolutely cannot deny that sometimes, just sometimes, you find yourself wishing that he understood you like your BFF does. We certainly do! Here are 10 situations in which we our partners were more like our besties…

1. The Plan Dilemma

Boyfriends tend to take it way easier when it comes to making random plans. Whether it’s a dinner, movie or a sudden (yet elaborate) world tour, it’s usually your idea. Your bestie on the other hand, always knows what the agenda of the evening - and in life! - should be.

2. The Vent Event

Sometimes we don’t need advice. Sometimes we just need to vent because we’re frustrated. Our besties ALWAYS know the difference between the two kinds of occasions - whereas we usually have to pause our rant midway and explain to our men that now is when they should speak up, or now is when they need to just nod in an understanding manner.
boyfriends like besties (2)

3.  The Parent Story

You know how your best friend comes over, chills with your mom and the two of them gang up on you? You pretend to get offended but secretly beam on the inside at this awesome bonding. Yeah, that. You wish the boy too had the same skills with your parents as your bestie does!

4. The Silent Game

We all have those days when we are either kinda thoughtful or just too tired to talk to the world. We aren’t necessarily proving a point with this silence - it’s just a state of mind. Besties, they understand this. Boys, they tend to assume we’re trying to have some kind of super-silent passive-aggressive fight with them. boyfriends like besties (4)

5. Enemy Lines

You know how girls understand that if you meet a girl who has at some point in the past been bitchy to your bestie, you are allowed to be cold to her? Yeah, our men have no such principles! They take things at face value and are sometimes nice to people they shouldn’t be nice to!

6. The Memory Tragedy

Most boys (God bless the exceptions) have goldfish memory, which basically means they will conveniently forget anything and everything you’ve told them in a matter of minutes. Any couple knows that this is the number one cause of World War type events. And you know what? Your bestie remembers not only that you had the fight but what it is that started it off!
boyfriends like besties (1)

7. The PMS Chronicles

The boys don’t get it. They just don’t.

8. Fashion Diaries

You’re not expecting the boy to exactly be Mr Christian Dior, but it would surely be nice if he didn’t stare blankly at you every time you talked about fashion, wouldn’t it? Guys, why is it so hard to wrap your head around the fact that a wedge heel and a stiletto are not the same thing, yet both can be extremely lust worthy?! boyfriends like besties (5)

9.  Small Stuff Syndrome

Sometimes we girls get affected by infinitesimally small things, and the boys in our lives just don’t get it. Your bestie will get why the neighbour’s cousin calling you fat has ruined my perfectly good day, he will tell you you’re overreacting.

10.   The Expression Theory

Girls are usually way more expressive than boys. Our soulmates on the other hand keep everything bottled up inside or prefer not to talk about every little thing. While this may be a good balance to have between a couple, sometimes it can be the most frustrating thing on the planet. The channel of communication has to keep flowing, like how it is between us and our besties. Uff, boys, when will you learn?!
boyfriends like besties (6) Images: defleppardforever.weebly.com, mashable.com, pinterest.comstarcrush.com, getoffmyinternets.net, picgifs.com MUST-READ: BF(F): 9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Also Your Best Friend! MUST-READ: #OMG: 9 Reasons Why Arnab Goswami Might Just Be The Perfect Boyfriend!
Published on May 6, 2015
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