#LustList: 10 Awesome Heels We’re Crushing On Right Now!

#LustList: 10 Awesome Heels We’re Crushing On Right Now!
Summer has already announced itself, and it’s time to get our high heels on for all the skirts and dresses we’re set to rock! And who DOESN’T want to look and stand tall in heels? We sure do! That’s why we bring you these 10 awesome pairs that you should definitely be stocking up on!

1. No Doubt Suedette Colour Block Sandals

best heels to buy 1

Look bold and beautiful in these multi-toned heels! The high back provides extra comfort while the colour blocking adds to your style quotient!

Price: Rs 2,800. Buy it here.

2. Miss Bennett Pink Stilettos

best heels to buy 2

Pink may or may not be your colour, but how could you ever turn away from this pair? Sure, we’ve grown out of the phase when we could eat our weight in cotton candy, but we’re still suckers for candy colours and this one is just so pretty!

Price: Rs 1,899. Buy it here.

3. Iris Embellished Heel

best heels to buy 3

The classic nude pair, but BETTER. The amazing embellishment on the heel will definitely catch all eyes! But that also means that you have to be super careful with them. No farmhouse parties in these - you don’t want the studs falling off!

Price: Rs 2,395. Buy it here.

4. Dorothy Perkins Black Heels

best heels to buy 4

Plain black heels can become a bit of a bore sometimes, and it feels like the last thing we’d like to wear are those! But this shades-of-grey pair is making us change our minds! And the abstract print speaks for itself.

Price: Rs 3,299. Buy it here.

5. Ten Fabulous Sea Green Heels

best heels to buy 5

Block heels are always preferable when you want to go high. They help you keep your balance AND your feet end up hurting less than if you were to wear stilettoes of the same height. Seriously, give these a shot!

Price: Rs 711. Buy it here.

6. Country Specials - Ruched Detail Peep-Toes

best heels to buy 6

Absolutely dying over the details on these! The ruched front looks so elegant, and so does the colour! We only hope to do them justice when we put these babies on.

Price: Rs 4,590. Buy it here.

7. Claude Lorrain Heels Heels

best heels to buy 7

Get creative with these pointed pumps with those gorgeous vinyl panels! And no, the panels don’t make them uncomfortable at all! We love the the simplicity of this pair.

Price: Rs 1,519. Buy it here.

8. iLo Golden Stilettoes

best heels to buy 8

Tired of staining your satin and suede heels? Well, this one will make you really happy then! These heels are very edgy and also low-maintenance. They’ll definitely add a very sexy vibe to your outfit!

Price: Rs 1,539. Buy it here.

9. Guess Mid Heels

best heels to buy 9

Colour blocking is so much fun, even with shoes! The heel is just the right height as it won’t make you wobble and still add to your confidence. Plus, this colour combination is a classic!

Price: Rs 2,999. Buy it here.

10. Knotted High Heeled Sandals

best heels to buy 10

Make a statement with these suede heels with knots in the straps. Perfect for being paired with even a very basic outfit since these shoes are obviously going to be stealing the show!

Price: Rs 2,890. Buy it here.
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