The Big Haul: 20 Chic Dresses & Other Fashion Outfits For The Pear-Shaped Body Type

The Big Haul: 20 Chic Dresses & Other Fashion Outfits For The Pear-Shaped Body Type

Dressing up is an all-important part of our daily routines, but have you ever paid attention to the fact that there are some outfits that flatter your body shape while others, not so much? Each one of us has our own aspects of our body to consider, but in the end, what matters most is that we are comfortable with ourselves. Dressing up, in its own way, forms a part of the bigger picture, giving you that feel-good factor and uplifting your mood, while providing you with the desired comfort.

When it comes to body shapes, there isn’t just one type; from the well-known apple-shaped body, hourglass and the pear-shaped body to the lesser known diamond and spoon body type, there are a number of body types out there. Here, we move on to discuss the pear-shaped body and the best ways to dress if you fall into this category. So sit back, read on and shop from our list of dresses and clothes for pear shaped women.

What Is A Pear Shaped Body?

How To Dress The Right Way 

Celebs Having A Pear Shaped Body

Different Types Of Dresses

Other Outfits You Can Opt For

Do's & Don'ts

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What Is A Pear Shaped Body? 

What exactly is body shape? To put it briefly, body shape is used to describe the structure of your form, taking into account your skeletal structure and muscle placement. The big question, of course, is what exactly is a pear-shaped body? To dress right for this type of body shape, you will need to know the details and go into the depths to understand how it works. So let’s get on with all the information we have about a pear-shaped body type.


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To define clearly, a pear-shaped body type is one in which the bottom part of the body is heavier than the torso or the upper half. This means that your hips could be slightly wider when compared to your shoulders and your waist. One could be skinny, tall, petite and still have a pear-shaped body. The body shape system is used to denote the fat distribution in the body. In contrast to the apple-shaped body type, in which the upper half of the body is heavier, a person with a pear-shaped body has heavier thighs, calves or generally any part waist down.


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To summarise what you just read, you have a pear-shaped body if:

  • Your hips appear to be wider than your shoulders.

  • You notice fat accumulation on your thighs, calves and in some cases the buttocks.

  • Your waist is defined and elongated.

Before we move on to dressing tips for a pear-shaped body, it’s important to note that these tips and styling techniques are not meant to discourage you from dressing in any other way. No two bodies are the same and that’s the beauty of it. Remember that body positivity comes first and foremost to everything, and all these fashion tips are to help you dress in a manner that keeps you comfortable while looking your best self and loving your body, just the way it is.


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How To Dress A Pear Shaped Body? 

We have said it before and we will say it again: everyone has their own unique appearance. So why exactly are body types categorised, you will ask. The answer may be more complex, but it is something that helps understand our bodies better. Dressing while knowing what works to your advantage is a powerful uplift. It is not something that limits your options but rather, gives you the knowledge and broadens your horizons. So how exactly do you dress once you have the knowledge of your body type? For a pear-shaped body, the idea is to emphasise your shoulders and torso and bring attention away from the lower half of the body. Not to worry, for there is an array of dresses for pear-shaped body that work in our favour, along with outfits for pear-shaped body. Here’s all you need to know.


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  1. Since the idea is to de-emphasise the lower half of the body, it’s best to wear outfits that have a bit of flare at the bottom. Think A-line silhouettes, breezy capes and ruffles.

  2. Fitted tops that show off your waist serve as a good option.

  3. Use your shoulders to smartly balance your look; off-shoulder dresses, one-shoulder dresses, tube tops and wardrobe pieces that help you highlight your shoulders are a safe bet.

  4. Not just your shoulders, you can take advantage of various necklines there are to create an interesting look when picking outfits for pear-shaped body, aptly pairing your picks with skirts and trousers.

  5. Jackets, coats and capes can be the perfect outfits for a pear-shaped body, draped over your clothing for a win-win situation.

  6. When it comes to picking dresses for pear-shaped body and even skirts, make sure they are not the ones that cling to your frame.

Celebs Who Have A Pear Shaped Body


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The ‘Under my umbrella’ singer is a classic example of someone with a pear shaped body, and if you are looking for some much-needed fashion inspiration, all you gotta do is head over to her Instagram profile and get going!


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The world renowned singer’s sartorial style needs no introduction, but if you need to see how exactly to work outfits for pear-shaped body that add to your style, look no further.


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Jennifer Lopez

From powerful red carpet looks to smart street style done right, Jennifer Lopez’s style will give you all that inspiration, and more.


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Parineeti Chopra

Closer home, the young actress is the perfect example of someone who dons dresses and outfits for pear-shaped body in fashionable style. Need we urge you to bag some inspiration before shopping?


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Ileana D’ Cruz

We can tell you this right away - Ileana D'Cruz’s wardrobe includes many ideas if you are looking for outfits for pear-shaped body. Not only does the Bollywood actress have a pear-shaped body, but she also dresses to work her fashion looks in her favour too!

Types Of Dresses To Wear If You Have A Pear-Shaped Body

Off-Shoulder Dress

Showing off your shoulders is a failsafe way of not only highlighting them but also drawing attention away from your lower half of the body if you have a pear-shaped body. Of course, it helps that there are plenty of choices if you want to include this in your wardrobe as an essential. In Summer, the styling options are relatively easier- with the temperature being at its topmost, you can wear it with a pair of comfy sneakers during the day and team it with heels for a night out. To beat the winter chill when the mercury drops, you can layer with an overcoat, introducing stockings to your ensemble for a chic look. Not to forget that there are also other styles such as the one-shoulder dresses and cold shoulder dresses to choose from.


POPxo Recommends: Off-Shoulder Shift Dress(Rs 1000) by AJIO


POPxo Recommends: Cold Shoulder Floral Dress (Rs 1278) by Shein


POPxo Recommends: Floral Print Maxi Dress With Asymmetric Shoulder (Rs 3192) by Koovs

Sleeveless Dresses

Sleeveless dresses are the perfect pick for summer, and choosing a breezy floral or striped sleeveless dress will also help you keep it cool, whilst working it to your advantage. If adding dresses for a pear-shaped body is on your agenda, we urge you to take a look at the options available online and include print and pattern play for a killing look. Come winter, you can always add layers to complete your look.


POPxo Recommends: Striped Asymmetrical Fit & Flare Dress (Rs 880) by AJIO


POPxo Recommends: Lace Dress (Rs 3999) by H&M

Belted Dresses

Cinched waists rarely ever disappoint, and recent runway sightings from FW 19 collections show us that we are going to be seeing a lot more of them. Add a thin fabric belt in the same pattern as your dress or opt for one made of faux leather to add as an accessory.


POPxo Recommends: Peach-Coloured Printed Cinched Waist Fit and Flare Dress (Rs 1320 )by Myntra


POPxo Recommends: Dress With A Tie-Belt (Rs 1999) by H&M

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses overlap on the front or the side, creating a beautiful and distinct effect that can be used to draw attention away from the lower half of your body, should you choose to do so. As far as dresses for pear shaped body go, wrap dresses are an instant and sure-shot hit. Pair them with mules or pumps for a fashion-forward appearance, wearing them on a day out with friends and to work with equal ease.


POPxo Recommends: Wrap A-line Dress with Waist Whittling Sash (Rs 900) by AJIO


POPxo Recommends: Colour Block Wrap Dress (Rs 1890) by Zara

Flared Dresses

As the name suggests, flared dresses feature a breezy lower half, easily camouflaging the areas you want to, and helping you highlight your waist and your torso. Added sleeves with flares and other design elements work well too. If you are looking for flared dresses for pear-shaped body, go the floral route by picking printed offerings in the same category.


POPxo Recommends: Blue Floral Print Fit & Flare Dress (Rs 919) by Myntra


POPxo Recommends: Patterned Shirt Dress (Rs 1499) by H&M

A-Line Dresses

This particular type of dress is fitted at the waist and the torso and gradually opens up at the bottom, giving an appearance of the letter A and hence deriving its name. A-line dresses are perfect for those with a pear-shaped body; not only are they smart and chic, but they can also take you from the desk to dinner in no time.


POPxo Recommends: Floral Print A-line Dress with Waist Tie-Up (Rs 1250) by AJIO

Tunic Dresses

Last but not the least, tunics or tunic dresses are the flowing saviours we need on a hot, sunny day. And that’s not all, for when winter arrives, you can simply add a well-tailored jacket (make sure it's slightly on the longer side) to present a fashionable ensemble.


POPxo Recommends: Flowing Dress (Rs 1890) by Zara

Other Outfits You Can Opt For

Not a dress person? No worries! Fortunately, there is a plethora of options out there to try, apart from dresses. Crop tops, flared trousers, horizontal striped tees, pleated skirts and blouses with interesting sleeve patterns are a great choice if you would rather have other outfits for pear-shaped body.

Dos and Don’ts

As is the case with any body type, there are few outfits that work best with this body type and some that do not flatter a pear-shaped body type. To keep things in your favour and make it simple, here is a list of outfits that do not work in the advantage of a pear-shaped body, and ones you could possibly avoid.


  • Invest in necklines and design elements that help bring focus to your neck area and shoulders.

  • Wear tops, capes and jackets that are slightly longer.

  • Opt for breezy dresses which carry a relaxed silhouette at the bottom.

  • Show off your waist- think cinched waists and crop tops!

  • Wide-leg pants or straight pants are your BFFs if you are looking for outfits for a pear-shaped body.

  • In winter, go for wide lapels and long coats that make you stand out.

  • Vertical lines on the lower half of the body and horizontal lines on the upper half create an optical illusion, doing the trick for you.

  • Darker colours on the lower half of the body are a safe bet, for they slim your appearance visually.


  • Drop waist dresses

  • Short jackets

  • Low-waisted bottoms

  • Oversized tops

  • Skinny Jeans

Shop Outfits For Pear Shaped Body

Ready to shop? Here are some coveted picks we curated to give you an awesome shopping experience! Browse on.


POPxo Recommends: Sailor Blue Fawne Smocking Detail Crop Top (Rs 800) by Stalk Buy Love


POPxo Recommends: Mustard Gwen Bell Sleeves Blouse (Rs 699) by Stalk Buy Love


POPxo Recommends: Trip in One Reversible Top (Rs 3300) by Twee In One


POPxo Recommends: Pleated Skirt (Rs 3999) by H&M


POPxo Recommends: White Audrey Bishop Sleeve Shirt (Rs 699) by Stalk Buy Love


POPxo Recommends: Slides (Rs 1499) by H&M


POPxo Recommends: Pleated Pants (Rs 999) by Stalk Buy Love

This story was updated in March 2019.

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