How to Grow Out Your Bangs and Manage Them in Style!

How to Grow Out Your Bangs and Manage Them in Style!
Wispy side-bangs, or a full-on box fringe - we can’t deny that there’s something undeniably chic, flirty and fun about bangs. If you’ve ever gotten them done, then you know the cute touch they add to your look, till they hit that awkward in-between stage. Having to constantly brush them off your eyes can tempt you into grabbing your scissors and chopping them off, but be warned that it would be committing beauty suicide. Instead, we give you a few tips on how to gracefully grow out your bangs and manage them in style.

How To Grow Out Your Bangs and

1. Change Up Your Part

The best way to disguise an awkward-looking length is to experiment with your parting. Switch from a middle part to one on either side. Make sure your side parting is angled, instead of a straight, vertical line. An angled part helps cover up an awkward length as well as helps your bangs sit better.

2. Don’t Hold Off That Trim

How To Grow Out Your Bangs and

Yup, bangs are high-maintenance, which means that you should get them trimmed regularly so they grow out healthier and keep looking great. Also, heavy bangs are pretty difficult to manage, so it’s important for your stylist to thin them for that cute, wispy effect.

3. Fake A Wispier Fringe

If your bangs have grown out and are a bit too thick and heavy, one trick to try is to pin back the top section of your fringe and leave behind the shorter, wispier bits. This helps cover up over-grown bangs - you will have to keep the top section pinned away while you wait for it to grow out or till you can make an appointment for that trim.

4. Get Twisted

How To Grow Out Your Bangs

One super simple technique of getting your bangs out of your eyes and managing them while you wait for them to grow out is the twist and tuck style. Simply twist the length of your bangs, tuck them under the rest of your hair and pin in place above your ear. It brings a cute, boho touch to your look and is a style that works for any occasion - dressy or casual. Oh and it takes less than a minute.

5. Post-Wash Styling

Anyone with a cute fringe would know that it requires a little extra attention to get it to sit perfectly on your forehead. Even if you leave the rest of your hair natural, use your blow-dryer on your bangs for a more polished look. One way to do it is to take your brush while directing heat on it and comb them straight-down first, then in the opposite direction of your part and then back on the side where you wear them. This helps get rid of frizz and any waves, while bringing some healthy-looking volume.

6. Add Some Accessories 

How To Grow Out Your Bangs

Hair accessories should be your best friends if you’re in need of some fringe-control. Cutesy hairpins, bejewelled headbands and girly clips can help get your hair off your face and cover up that awkward length. Plus, they bring a romantic, dainty vibe to your look.

Celeb images: Viral Bhayani

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