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#BreakUp: 8 Reasons to Be Glad That It Happened

#BreakUp: 8 Reasons to Be Glad That It Happened
When you broke up, your heart broke too. The experience was rather painful and something you will never wish for anyone. To be honest, it was probably one of the most challenging phases you’ve had to experience in life. However, with a positive attitude, and being self-confident, you can pick yourself up from scratch.  So ladies, don’t cry because it’s over, we say smile because you have an ocean of opportunities. Here are 8 benefits of a broken heart.

1. You Bond With Yourself

When you’re in a relationship, you’re so used to having someone to count on that you tend to lose yourself in the bargain. You become accustomed to their company that you don’t know how you’d live your life without them. Fortunately or unfortunately, a breakup will teach you that. Picking yourself up initially will be tough, but once you learn how to, there’s no turning back. Trust us ladies, be yourself, don’t let someone else define you! benefits of a broken heart

2. You Realize Who’s On Your Side

A breakup will surely make you feel alone, but if you look at your life from a different perspective,  you will realize that you’re never really alone. There will always be someone who will be there for you. People who you never expected a helping hand from, will lend you one. Friends, family and your pets will be there to fill the void in your heart. Treasure them, and never let them go. benefits of a broken heart

3. You Understand Why It Never Worked Out

Being accustomed with the fact that your relationship has come to an end will take a couple of months. Once you’ve finally learnt to let it go, you’ll understand that everything that happened, happened for the best. You will learn to appreciate the place where you are today. benefits of a broken heart

4. Become The Master of Your Past

Once you have moved on, you will emerge way more mature in terms of what you exactly want from a relationship. It is what that will help you rebond with people again.. benefits of a broken heart

5. Explore Yourself

What are your hidden talents? Your true feelings? Become aware of them now, we say! The post breakup phase is a perfect time to learn more about yourself. Go on a solo trip, join an NGO, hang around with a new bunch of people. Helping another soul will help you gain a better understanding of yourself. benefits of a broken heart

6. You Will Know Your Worth

If you’ve been cheated on, lied to or even put down emotionally, you will want to settle for something better in the future. You deserve a man who treats you right, and life is giving you a second chance to find that person. All you need to do is convince yourself that you deserve better, and trust us, someone will come for you. Have faith, and leave the rest to the universe! benefits of a broken heart

7. You Can Become Someone Else's Inspiration

Remember, everyone is struggling, and people seeing you get out of the impossible will inspire them to do the same. There is no better feeling than pulling someone out of their blurred reality. Be there for them emotionally, spiritually and mentally. What you will get in exchange for your deeds are good intentions and solace. benefits of a broken heart

8. You Will Become Stronger

Once you’ve set the bars higher, and decided not to subject yourself to settle for anything less, you will become stronger. When entering a new relationship, you won’t be the same person that you were yesterday. You’ll be a lot more stronger emotionally and self reliant. Once you have a fixed set of priorities, the road only turns better from there on. benefits of a broken heart Keep this mind: all wounds heal, and with time, so will yours. You are independent, strong and deserve the best in life. Don’t EVER forget that! GIFs: media.tumblr.com, giphy.com, photobucket.com, data.whicdn.com, bollypop.com MUST-READ: #BreakUp: The 7 Stages of Grief Every Girl Goes Through MUST-READ: 8 Important Lessons Only A Breakup Will Teach You