Dirt Alert! 10 Things You MUST Clean Every Day

Dirt Alert! 10 Things You MUST Clean Every Day
We pretty much live our lives through rote. But there are some new habits we must cultivate. Cleanliness is something that you need to prioritize in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle. To begin, stash anti-bacterial wipes pretty much everywhere - your car, your office, your bedside table and a small pack in your handbag. And then, remember to clean-up stuff using them often! Here is a list of 10 things you must clean every day.

1. A Clean Phone

Once a day give your phone a wipe-down. Phones are breeding grounds for bacteria and they often touch our face - leading to acne and all sort of nasty skin issues.

things you must clean every day

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2. Give Your Day Bag A Wipe

The strap and base of your bag are home to a rather disgusting variety of bacteria and mites. Test a small corner of your bag with the wipe and if it doesn't affect the material or colour, proceed to clean it thoroughly. Make sure you do this on a daily basis. While you are at it, clean the inside too once a week.

3. Comp Clean-up

Most of us spend our day hunched over a keyboard. We eat, drink while working, and hence there is a fair chance your keyboard collects a lot of gunk. I like to begin my morning by quickly wiping down the screen and the keyboard.

things you must clean every day

4. Remote Chance

If you are in the habit of watching TV in bed at night, make sure wipe down your remote every few days.

5. Steering Right

If you drive, chances are you spend a fair bit of time behind the wheel. Your steering wheel needs a regular clean too. Once every few days should be good!

things you must clean every day

6. Wallet Tales

If there is one thing that is disgustingly dirty , it’s money. And I am not being metaphorical here. Lots and lots of harmful and disease causing bacteria live on bank-notes and coins, and by the same token in our wallets. Wipe your wallet inside and out regularly!

7. Squeeky-clean Specs

Your sunglasses and prescription glasses are with your every step of the way. But most if us get down to cleaning them when they get seriously mucky. Make it a habit to clean them with a microfiber cloth once a day. Remember, you must always store them in cases and never, ever chuck them into your handbag.

things you must clean every day

8. The Earphone Mess

Yes, your headphones and earphones do require cleaning. Remove the soft, spongy bits and wash them in warm soapy water. Allow to dry before re-mounting them. Take your wipes and clean the earplugs. If you notice earwax in the perforations (it is gross, but it does happen) then you need to take a toothpick and gently clean it out. Finish by swabbing it with a clean wipe. Do the same to the wire as well.

9. Ring It Up

You everyday jewellery gets subjected to a lot of dirt and grime - especially rings. Every few days take them off and clean them with toothpaste and warm water, using an old toothbrush. Rinse, pat dry and REMEMBER to put them back on. Do the same for earrings you wear on a regular basis.

things you must clean every day

10. Be Clean - Hands-Down!

This can not be emphasized enough. Washing you hands regularly is one of the best habits you can cultivate. Definitely do it before and after eating - every time you are near a sink would be fabulous. Keep antibacterial gel in your handbag at all times and use it from time to time.

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