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What Does Your Eyeliner Style Say About You?

What Does Your Eyeliner Style Say About You?

We all know that our eyes are our most expressive feature. The way you style your eyeliner is what makes them stand out even further. Every woman lines their eyes in different ways - some like theirs thick and bold, while others like theirs artsy and natural. Whatever be your style, it can reveal a lot about personality. So ladies, what does your signature eyeliner style say about you? Find out below! 

1. The Glitter Eyeliner

eyeliner style say about you

Experimenting with life is what gives you purpose. You aren’t fussy when it comes to trying out different looks. You are a braveheart and an extrovert. It’s because of these qualities, people like hanging out with you. Since you don’t like bottling up your feelings, you often speak your mind and heart out. You have this urge of breaking away from reality, and you manage to do so whenever circumstances permit you. You think you’re special, hence you are.

2. Cat Eyeliner

eyeliner style say about you

You have an eye for detail and a passion for art. You are sophisticated, stylish and very picky when it comes to choosing the right bunch of friends. You’re popularly known as the high maintenance gal in your group of friends, and you’re proud of being called one as well! People often think you’re shrewd, but that’s not the case, you’re actually quite observant. You are also a great judge of character, and you’re able to figure out peoples intentions within a jiffy!

3. Smokey Eyeliner

eyeliner style say about you

You are fierce, you are strong, and you are miss independent. You can conquer the world alone if you have to do so. You don’t follow the rules, you make the rules, baby! In your circle of friends, you’re not just a popular icon, you’re a stylish one as well. You stand for what you think is right, and won’t take nonsense from anyone, that’s right, ANYONE.

4. Lining The Bottom Lash-Line

eyeliner style say about you

You don’t really give much of a thought to your sex appeal. You are comfortable in your own skin, and won’t change for nobody. You live your life according to your own terms and conditions. You also take advice from no one. The only person you depend upon, is yourself. Experiences from the past have made you rock-solid. You’re so done with impressing people that you think it’s time to put your needs first before to tend to the rest.

5. A Single Line On The Top

eyeliner style say about you

You’re goals and tastes are practical. You are wise when it comes to finance. Instead of splurging it all, you prefer saving it up for the rainy day. Just how it goes for finances, so does it for your love life. Wealth and fame, are not some things you want to see in a potential mate. You want a man who has a good heart, and you’re ready to wait for him no matter how long it takes. As far as your life is concerned, your decisions are also base around reason and intelligence.

6. Thick & Bold Eyeliner

eyeliner style say about you

You’re a daredevil, a person who’s willing to take a risk on anything and everything. Gossip doesn’t grab your attention, because you know you’re better off than them. You aren’t afraid to express your thoughts, and people at times get intimidated by your presence. You know your style, and you have the right amount of attitude to aid it. You are the life of the party, and your friends will agree to that fact as well ;). No ones parties harder than you do. You go, girl!

7. Colourful Eyeliner

eyeliner style say about you

Bright colours help you express your mood and personality better. In life, you don’t like following a pattern, on the other hand, you want adventure and freedom. Remarks from people don’t get your goat, you’re too self-sufficient and mature to give into any sort of that negativity. Making people smile and most importantly yourself, is your prime focus in life. MUST-READ: #BeautySchool: 7 Eyeliner Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now MUST-READ: The Difference between Kajal, Kohl and Eyeliner – And When to Use What!
Published on Jan 21, 2015
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