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#BeCareful: Warning Signs That You Might Be Tempted into Straying...

#BeCareful: Warning Signs That You Might Be Tempted into Straying...

Cheating on your partner is never a random thing (unless your infidelity is habitual, or God forbid, pathological) - there are always signs and hints that you are likely to stray. If you are wondering whether you are truly happy and committed to your relationship, read on and find out if any of these ring a bell!

1. You used to tell everyone that you’re committed, but now you flirt with strangers easily and conceal the fact that you are with someone.

likely to cheat

2. You find yourself ogling good-looking strangers.

2 cheating

3. You’ve been going on dates with guys, which you refuse to acknowledge as dates. You meet up for totally innocent reasons, but then they turn into long chats about personal stuff.

4. You don’t meet your boyfriend as often as you used to, and somehow it doesn’t bother you at all.

5. You get annoyed with your partner very easily.

likely to cheat

6. Of late, you only notice his faults and negative qualities.

7. You think about what your life might have looked like had you not broken up with your ex(es).

8. You are not sexually attracted to your partner any more.

likely to cheat

9. You fantasize about other men.

10. When you go out on dates with your boyfriend, you don’t pay attention to what he is saying and keep zoning out.

11. You make an extra effort to look good when you go out partying with your girlfriends.

likely to cheat

12. You feel like you haven’t had a "wild phase" where you experimented sexually.

13. You are jealous of your single and unattached friends.

14. You turn into a totally different (read: flirtatious!) kind of person after three drinks.

likely to cheat

15. You are starting to question the very idea of monogamy!

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