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#FriendsLikeFamily: 8 Things to Say to Your Besties This New Year

#FriendsLikeFamily: 8 Things to Say to Your Besties This New Year

We love our besties, we really do. But, sometimes, we don’t tell them often enough. As 2015 begins, let’s start as we mean to go on. Here is what we would like our besties to know - and we’re sure you would too!

1. Thank you for being you (and for everything else you do!)

We do take our besties for granted sometimes. So tell them that you are so grateful for all the fun and fabulousness they add to your life. Those midnight calls that last for hours, discussing everything from your joint plans for social domination to the cute guy you are crushing on.

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2. Let’s do lunch (or drinks or dinner)

Our social lives get so hectic that one-on-one bestie time is often lost. So make a lunch date and aim to make it a weekly habit. Face-to-face time together matters. Even if you can’t meet for lunch - why not take a gym class together and hang out for a smoothie after?

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3. Let’s plan that girlie trip!

Friends who holiday together stay together. A girlie trip away is an important rite of passage with your bestie - so plan yours now.

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4. You are amazing

We are all about being super-supportive. They next time your bestie is celebrating a successful moment, be there for her. Even better - let the world know you support her. There are so many ways to do it publicly - social media is perfect for this. Be her champion - as she is yours. Of course, it goes without saying, show her lots of love on her birthday (we are sure you already do that!).

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5. We should hang out as couples….

As amazing as it is to hang out with your girlfriends, it’s super-important to involve their better halves as well once in a while. So make plans for a dinner ASAP. And make the effort to draw her boyfriend/husband out.

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6. I have your back

This is the main responsibility of being a bestie. If anyone messes with her, they mess with you. It’s good to remind her of this once in a while, especially if she’s going through a tough time. And you should mean it. Bad-mouthing your bestie behind her back - or letting anyone else do so in front of you - is sacrilege.

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7. It’s time for a fun night out!

Often between work and the health kicks we all get on, crazy nights become scarce. Those unforgettable nights when you’re out dancing till dawn, club-hopping and letting your hair down - it’s time to schedule one of those, pronto!

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8. Love you!

We don’t say it enough - and they truly are our #FriendsLikeFamily. So text your bestie now and let her know how much she means to you.

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