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15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

We spend most of our lives at work, and sometimes it's just annoying to spend our days with people we can't see eye-to-eye with.Here are 15 kinds of colleagues we've all had at some point or the other - and wish we really didn't have to deal with!

1. Mr Teacher's (Or Boss’s) Pet

Someone tell this person that school's over! This person can't stop sucking up to the boss. And they are so shameless about it that it's just embarrassing. You might notice them upping the buttering antics around review time, but it's almost admirable how devoted they are to their cause.

2. Ms Credit Stealer

Your countless nights spent on that project leave you with only one source of satisfaction –knowing that you were actually doing social service on behalf of Ms Credit Stealer. This person takes all the credit for a job well done, but lets you take the fall when something's gone wrong. They don't have many friends and are on a lot of hit-lists.

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

3. Mr Question Mark

Curiosity killed the cat, and there's practically no difference between felines and Mr Question Mark. He'll ask you how to take printouts or how to make a sales presentation. And though you're happy to help initially, you soon realize that the giving never ends! It might be easier to do the work yourself instead of answering all those questions.

4. Ms Smooth Talker

This person is all talk. She's just got another promotion, and the only explanation for it is her gift for bakbak. In this age of marketing and personal brand management, this helps a lot... But all talk and no substance will only get you so far!

5. Mr Lunch Grabber

He was in your school too - the one who would always steal your lunch... And he's followed you to work! The Lunch Grabber is that person "on a diet" who gets boiled veggies for lunch and ends up eating half your aloo parathas. And then wonders why that diet isn't working.

6. Ms Emotional Wreck

Who doesn't love having friends at work? But the emotional wreck - there's just too much drama to deal with. She's almost always MIA because she's on the phone fighting with her boyfriend (whom she goes on to break up with, and then make up with the very next day). Unfortunately, she comes to you for advice way too often, making you miss your deadlines with her emotional headlines. #Complicated

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

7. Mr Slow Motion Ki Dukaan

He's the guy you don't want to call to fix your computer when approaching a crazy deadline. In his hands, your computer goes back to the dark ages, never to return again – unless it's your lucky day!

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

8. Ms Worker Bee

Everyone appreciates hard work, but honestly, she just makes us look bad! She's the benchmark of perfection you are always pitted against, and living with that pressure is tough. She's the 'Employee of the Month'  whose performance is shoved into your face every time you're having a dull day at work.

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

9. Mr Gamer

This guy will do pretty much anything to get ahead. He is typically insecure, and hates to see anyone else do well...even if they are from another department. Mr Sour Grapes might be working in your office but would surely have made a cunning politician.


15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

10. Ms TMI

If she's sharing information about her sex life, her extramarital affair, that strange mole on her body - she's sharing too much. Miss Too-Eager-to-Share-Her-Secrets is a great source of entertainment, but won't help you meet your deadlines.

11. Mr How-Does-He-Get-By?

Every office has at least one or two of these. They're the ones who make you wonder: How did they clear the interview? How are they still here? At times they frustrate and baffle you, but mostly, they are objects of your admiration. They are the government employees working at private jobs.

12. Ms Cribber

How to spot the cribber in the office? Listen for the loudest sighs. She hates what she's doing and is quite vocal about it. If she's a friend, it might be time to advise her to start looking for another job. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy!

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

13. Mr Mysterious

This guy has a job description that's so vague and unclear that you have no idea what he really does. He sits quietly at his desk from 9 to 5, busy as hell, but what he really does no one will ever know. Maybe he's Batman?

15 Kinds of Colleagues We All Have – And Wish We Didn't

14. Ms Sunshine

Who greets Monday mornings with a larger-than-life smile? Miss Sunshine of course! She may have been stuck in an hour-long traffic jam to get to work, but that doesn't stop her from celebrating the day. Miss Sunshine is great to be around and is always a mood-lifter, except when you've been partying all night and are too hungover to tell the difference between your desk and sofa in your boss's office.

15. Mr Overworked

He has no time to shave, suit up or even comb his hair. You may notice that coffee stain on his shirt, but he sure doesn't! Mister Overworked is too busy to care. Or maybe he's just pretending.

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